Buy to rent splinterlands series. Part 3.

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

The plan is simple. Using my alt account I will rent out the full deck constantly. It takes up less time than trying to play the game. Using that rental income I will keep buying up cards multiple times a week. From this I will try to build a rental income of 10,000 DEC daily which is a living wage at these prices.

My starting point on the 01/11/21:

  • Cards listed - 1863 DEC
  • Cards rented - 1670 DEC
  • Return on rentals - 37.08%

My current point is:

  • Cards listed - 2039 DEC
  • Cards rented - 1863 DEC
  • Return on rentals - 39.33%

Going forward, I will keep adding to my collection. A few times a week I will be buying gold, epic, and beta cards for the rental market.

The higher my income gets. The better the purchases. There is no point in buying cheap or low CP cards as it takes too many that need to be tracked, organized and maintained. More expensive cards with a big demand and less work is the goal.

I will be doing this, every time that my DEC adds up enough to purchase a card that i want.

I am also using monstermarket.io for the purchases to get that extra 5% DEC rewards which add up over time and will allow for a few extra cards over the year.

Chaos reward. Legendary - Earth monster. Price - $21 - $23. Rental price - 5.3 DEC or 20.8 Total per day Returns at 95%

This is my second big purchase of the week after buying four other legendaries for my last post. That is now 8 new legendaries this week alone with a return of 240 DEC per week. Over $2.50 or $130 for the year all things staying the same.

These will be slow steps to increase my daily income but every new card adds to the revenue and over time I will keep buying better and better cards with the higher income. This will create and exponential effect on my account growth as we keep going and by buying gold and legendary cards, they should gain in value when the print runs out.

I'm very happy with the week so far and will hope to do the same again next week.

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