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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

I think that everybody is looking for the next big thing.

Trying to discover the next apple, Microsoft, tesla before they blow up.

The majority of people dream of more. More money and more status in the world and investing in a golden ticket will do that for you.

A lot of people end up investing in these projects once they have already taken off and can still make some money but it's the ones who spot that early promise that get rich from their investment.

We are all searching for the next big thing but where will it come from? Bitcoin has already massive gains even if there is still 10x left in it at some stage.

It's the 100x that people dream of and in the shortest space possible.

The thing is that most of these moonshots have spend years building in the shadows long before the first wave of investors even get to be the early adopters.

It tends to be the creators that have first options. Then their close circle of friends family and opportunists that have first exposure to invest. After that it's the hunters who are always browsing and chancing a big win once the initial product has signs of success or offers something new and useful. Then when it starts to take off you will have some institutional investors that are looking to make some nice margins before it makes headlines and your joe soap puts their money in with the hope of making anything back from an established product.

Invest in a new technology that's still being built. That innovates an existing concept. That has no institutional money yet. That has a proven product. That could easily go 100x in the next few years.

What would you do?

Take the chance or wait until it's already made headlines.

That is where we are right now with Leofinance.

There are no guarantees when your investing early into a product but all of the signs are there that we could have something special on our hands.

Developments are coming thick and fast. The price is nothing at the moment. Revenue is increasing. It offers a unique solution to an existing concept.

We know about it long before it's made any headlines but if things go the right way then it will be making it's first waves very soon.

Looking at all of the latest announcements form the LEO team and there is a common theme.

Development is moving ahead and plans are in place to get a lot bigger, fast.

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Even the announcements and information is ramping up over the past couple of weeks which would lead me to believe that the team is getting ready to push ahead with big plans and have been getting excited themselves.

This is the ground floor but for how much longer???


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