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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

You have a big reach into multiple tribes right now. I am fully convinced that they can be a vehicle to bring in huge numbers of people with the right approach.

I think that we need them to be cheaper to start. Simpler to use. Nicer to look at.

We need to get to the stage where anybody here can launch a niche tribe for 100 bucks and market it themselves to bring in a few thousand users.

Could the bro team play a part in this. Would you see it as possible or have a better solution than this.

Hive is great but not really suitable for just being a blogging site. Tribes imo are a much better place for users to join but need a major upgrades for better ease of use.

How do you see it working?

Also congrats on the work done to date as it has been a great success with lots more to come hopefully.

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