RE: Why THIS is a Marking Nightmare for Splinterlands

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9 months ago - 1 minutes read

Sorry but i think that this post is a load of nonsense for many reasons not withstanding the fact that I don't believe in any of the gods.

However I know that a lot of people do have their beliefs which is their own personal choice and they are fully entitled to them in their own space. I would have been raised catholic but long since walked away from religion as my own educated choice.

I do believe that people are far too easily offended these days and that if you try to please everybody then you will not please anybody. The pentogram is not an offensive image and predates Christianity by thousands of years.

This imagery is a poor choice on Splinterlands' part for many reasons, not just on a personal affront to my faith (and 1. billions of others), but it's a marketing DISASTER.

Christianity itself consists of many ideas stolen from older pagan religions and what you say are Christian concepts would also be common across all major religions all of which again predate Christianity.

I like your content usually and appreciate your splinterlands reviews but this is a case where i think that you would be better off to keep your religion out of the game. Just because it offends you personally isn't any good reason for the team to change a game which is going to be built for users across the world with all different mindsets and beliefs. It is you and not them that has made it religious.

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