The Weekly ETH Price Guessing Game 19.2. - WIN up to 6 HBI and hit the 100 LEO Jackpot

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Hello Leo-Family,

As you may have noticed, Ethereum's price has recovered some of the recent losses from last week's 10% dip. In the last 48 hours, the price has climbed to $1,582, which is a positive sign for those who have invested in this digital asset.

Based on current indicators, buyers are expected to take charge of the price momentum in the near future, driving the price higher towards the $1,700 mark. This would be a significant milestone for Ethereum, and it would signal a return to bullish territory.

However, it's important to note that if the bullish momentum fails to materialize, the price could once again fall below $1,500. In this scenario, the bullish thesis would be invalidated, and investors should exercise caution.

In summary, while the recent recovery in Ethereum's price is encouraging, the situation remains fluid, and investors should continue to monitor the market closely. By staying informed and making educated decisions, we can all participate in the exciting and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency. Don't forget to reshare this post for the maximum winning chance.

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What do you think ETH will cost by the end of Sunday?

Comment with your guess directly to this post. The bet that is closest to the truth, will win the weekly price. If your bet is exactly to the point, you will win the Jackpot. pg divider203.png

The Prices


The weekly Price

3 Hive Basic Income Share for the winner

6 Hive Basic Income Share for the winner who reshared (rehived) this post before Sunday

As long as we have a bet, we have a winner! pg divider204.png

The Jackpot

100 LEO

The Jackpot is fixed to 100 LEO.

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The Rules.


  • provide your tip of the ETH Price in US$ (Format $XXXX) as a comment until Saturday 23:59 CET
  • only one tip per account allowed per individual user; multi-account-users shall only comment with one account, multiple comments lead to disqualification
  • the tip that is closest to the reference price from Coingeko will win the weekly price
  • if there are two tips equally near to the winning value, the one that is given earlier is the winning one
  • a tip that is exactly on spot with the reference price will win the Jackpot
  • the reference price will be taken from Coingeko; (see the following reference) and rounded to full $ value
  • prices are transferred directly to the winning account before publishing the next weekly post
  • winners are announced in the respective section of the next game post

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We had 28 valid bets in our last weekly ETH guessing round, ranging from 1,401$ to 1,754$. @miriammarga had the right guess, with only $1 above the reference price. The bets in detail:

1,401 @jdike 1,450 @jfang003 1,453 @abdex9 1,498 @littymumma 1,500 @jorgebgt

1,515 reference winning price

1,516 @miriammarga winner

1,519 @jhonnygo 1,520 @rebe.torres12 1,522 @necho41 1,540 @milaan 1,555 @erikklok 1,563 @chrisparis 1,598 @eii 1,609 @thatcryptodave 1,619 @yova 1,638 @amakauz 1,645 @an-man 1,647 @monsterbuster 1,650 @alovely 1,670 @idksamad78699 1,675 @parung76 1,685 @rosauradels 1,689 @kelseyimoh 1,701 @treefrognada 1,711 @servelle 1,720 @circlebubble 1,741 @borsengelaber 1,754 @ferod23

Congratulations to @miriammarga, who won this little game for the 3rd time. Unfortunately, @miriammarga missed resharing in order to double her price to 6 HiveBasic Income and got (only) 3 HiveBasic Income Shares.


Good Luck

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|Account|Number of winnings in 2022| |-|-| |@miriammarga|3 ...... 1x Jackpot| |@yeckingo1|3| |@alovely|2| |@bntcamelo|2| |@borsengelaber|2| |@jfang003|2| |@jhonngo|2| |@kevinnag58|2| |@milaan|2| |@parung76|1 ...... 1x Jackpot| |@rosauradels|2| |@tokutaro22|2| |@alonicus|1| |@anderssinho|1| |@bitandi|1| |@cervantes420|1| |@chrisparis|1| |@cindy911|1| |@crrdlx|1| |@cst90|1| |@eii|1| |@erikklok|1| |@ferod23|1| |@hjrrodriguez|1| |@iamchuks|1| |@jdike|1| |@jorgebgt|1| |@kelseyimoh|1| |@olympicdragon|1| |@rebe.torres12|1| |@reinerzufall89|1| |@repayme4568|1| |@sanabwenas|1| |@servelle|1| |@tengolotodo|1| |@thatcryptodave|1| |@treefrognada|1| |@yova|1|

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shout out to all the people that ever have participated in this game: @abdex9 @aiovo @ajanaku @akumagai @alonicus @alovely @amakauz @amr008 @an-man @bagofincome @barmbo @bitcoinflood @bloggskeme @bntcamelo @borsengelaber @chacald.dcymt @chrisparis @chuyster @circlebubble @coolkris @crazy-unicorn @crrdlx @crypto-wisdom @cst90 @dagger212 @daniella619 @danoskie @davedickeyyall @desro @diikaan @dragokazo @dythnm @emma001 @fabian98 @failingforwards @faithluck @fashtioluwa @fbpowers @finguru @fragozar01 @gameofcrypto36 @ghua @gigil @grumbkow @hansvonkatte @harpreetjanda @hetty-rowan @hhayweaver @hykss @iamchuks @idksamad78699 @ijat @imfarhad @informationvault @irenavarroart @iskafan @ismaelgranados @itsostylish @jdike @jeferybgomez @jfang003 @jhonnygo @jmis101 @joemark @jorgebgt @josediccus @kelseyimoh @kevinnag58 @kristin @lettingo @levi-miron @malopie @maro1 @master-lamps @mein-senf-dazu @mengao @mercurial9 @micheal87 @milaan @minimining @miriammarga @mirroredspork @mlrequena78 @monbijou @monsterbuster @mrf83 @necho41 @no-advice @notak @officialhisha @olddessauer @olympicdragon @oscarpower55 @owlpalace @parung76 @plint @preparedwombat @preshtrump99 @pocketrocket @podewils @rcaine @rebe.torres12 @repayme4568 @revise.leo @riandeuk @rikolo @rosauradels @rossbach @rpren @sagardyola @samuelvoncocceji @sarahdavis @schindmaehre @shitsignals @silesiaglogau @sinistry @sondershausen @stevescoins @stuartcturnbull @takimn @tengolotodo @thatcryptodave @thecryptodave @theroad2freedom @thomashnblum @tfranzini @tokutaro22 @trangbaby @ugomarcel @vanidike @vikbuddy @williamtboy @whispertamesth1 @yeckingo1 @youngelder @yova @zastrowe @zestimony

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