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Hey there, before anything, be sure to address me as "tech sis". Not a tech sis in the entire sense of it, but still, call me a tech sis pleaseee!!! With time, you’ll find out why. 

I got a job in the tech industry like I always wanted, yayyyy.


If you've been following my writings, you'd recall that I resigned from my former job on the first day of 2022, because I was completely drained of energy and everything else I needed to survive. I was so traumatized that the thought of working as an executive assistant anywhere else sent shivers down my spine. In fact, I chose to stay off any physical 9-5 work for a few months, but it lasted for about a year. In that one year, I resorted to content writing on Hive and writing for a number of other clients to make ends meet. I was practically fighting for my life mentally, emotionally, financially, and every other “ally” there is. . 


It's just 5:30 am on day 5 of my job in a Tech organisation. I'm enroute work. I can tell you for free that it's not as easy as I'd hoped. Truly, no job is a walk in the park. I used to think I had insomnia until I resumed my new role, turns out I wasn't tired enough to fall asleep like normal people.  

The night before my first day, I could barely sleep a wink, I knew I should get the much-needed rest considering the distance from my house to my new workplace, but I still couldn’t sleep.

I spent the better part of 2022 working from home, sleeping and waking whenever I pleased, and all of that has changed. I keep asking if i am ready for the change. Knowing i’d have to wake up at 4:30am daily isn't helping matters either. 


The truth is despite the stress and greatly reduced sleep time, I finally feel like I fit in. I've worked in several different industries but I somehow knew that I didn't want a career in any of those fields. In fact, 2022 was the most confusing year of my life.

I went to an aviation school with zero passion and interest in the course just because  a friend was doing the exact same thing. I always knew the tech space was my home, but I somehow never made it there, until now.  

Though stressed, I am happy, eager to chest whatever challenges come my way. 

Ps: Errrrrrrrr…I'm not quite a full blown tech sis yet,I'm still training for the next 5 weeks. And no,  I am not a software programmer. I'll share details after I ace my training. Until then, please call me "Tech sis" accordingly. 

It took me one whole year to figure this path out, and I'm certainly not messing this baby up!

Also, please pardon my grammatical errors and typos. Again, I'm enroute work. 

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