OCA and LEO Finance collab with THREADS! A great fit for OnChainArtists!

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read


Well the good folks over at LEO Finance have released an important update to their THREADS app.


If you've never heard of Threads, it's essentially a twitter clone on Hive. 240 character limit short form content + images. One of the great things about threads is that behind the scenes threads exist on the blockchain as comments, so if you make a post for OCA, you can make a seperate thread linking back to your post and this can be its own thing separate from your blog post.


Leo Finance will also be delegating some LEO to OCA for curation of threads using the #onchainart tag. We'll be on the lookout for awesome threads to curate as well as the LEO Finance team so get to it. This is obviously a great fit for the art community on Hive because you can post a longer format blog post on your blog, a shorter form preview thread and everyone wins. Threads needs awesome content to beautify their app, and you all will get some LEO and Hive for your efforts. Even if you wanted to do a thread without a blog post, that would work too, maybe you just want to share something quick or don't want to write up a full long blog. Threads would be perfect for that. We won't get our feelings hurt if you just post a thread and not a blog post. It's all for the good of Hive.


Please keep in mind all the normal rules for posting in OCA still apply if you want to be curated by OCA. Also remember to use the #onchainart tag so we can find your thread. Lastly, be sure to keep the threads organic and don't just spam with no regard for engagement. Make content for humans :) I know none of you would do that though right???

So head on over to https://alpha.leofinance.io/threads and let's get #onchainart trending!

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