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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

Every day I spend many, many hours in manual curation. Nowdays not only in LeoFinance tribe, but now also in the new POB proof-of-brain. Recently I have noticed that I'm finding more and more posts, which seem to be not deserving even small 1% upvote. With many new participants signing on every day, this is quite natural.

1% of my vote is yet about 0.83 Leo, or $0.50 USD. Why I should give out a 50 cent worth upvote on a shitty post, which still comply with the tribe's terms, perhaps is not plagiation (or very well hiden), is not a clear spam, hence - not any valid reasons to downvote? Downvotes are seen as a very very negative action by many, and often taken as a personal insult, or even as an open, direct "robbery" But somebody must to tell these newbies - "you are not quite on the right path" Simple IGNORE or "skip over" is hardly a best solution here.

How to say them in a short, efficient and clear way: Your post is a complete garbage, with a ZERO value (in my eyes), a value way less than 1 cent? I wish I had never seen it. But I did. And I can not "unsee" it...

Maybe even to ad - take my honest and fair reward for your work, a small HALF a cent TIP for it.

Some people are so desperate for rewards, yet are completely unable to understand, that what they do, has NO VALUE for others. Someone have to help them, and to say all this in an open and friendly format.

And suddenly I found a solution. This:


It is almost impossible to make an upvote with 0.01% power in a manual mode. No matter how good and precise your mouse could be. But here is an easy way - set a default post upvote power in your settings. Just like this: 001setings.jpg

I hope many desperate $-hunting newbies are checking often, who, when and how much have upvoted on their posts. Perhaps they start to think, why it could be that someone has upvoted with only a tiny tiny 0.01% . And if this specific question comes to their mind - consider half of work is already done. whohasvoted.jpg


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