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The first Polycub governance voting has completed. So what we got?

Interesting, that even four (4) wallets voted late, after deadline time. One vote sent 0.003 Matic, instead of 0.0003. As this seems just a misstype, and the voter's intentions are clear, maybe Khal will count him OK. Especially that this does not change anything.

So here are some of the numbers


Total votes: 81 Total stake: 82439 xPC 30 d support: 44 votes, 56681 xPC, 68.8 % (!) 15 d support: 33 votes, 24762 xPC, 30.0 % 90 d support: 4 votes, 996 xPC, 1.2 %

From the xPC rich list: TOP-10 .....5 votes 11-20 ...5 votes 21-30 ...3 votes

And below is how exactly the TOP-100 walets voted: voteresult100.jpg

Could the "15D team" win? Yes, if at least any three missing wallets from TOP-10 had also voted (properly) for 15D but still ... NO, if all richlist TOP30 missing wallets missed the proper vote, and ALL (all!) the 453 remaining xPC owners had all voted with 0.00015

P.S. I've noticed that some of my figures disagree with roleerob's data. Maybe beause I took the richlist stake snapshot only ~2 hours after voting ended.


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