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Last few weeks a number of good, inspirational posts and articles been spotted, all talking how the good times for LEO, CUB, and other ALT tokens are on the horizon. With the new polyCUB appearing even sooner than soon (on Soonday?), I can not agree more with these authors. I am not a master of long posts, nor am I a big fan of reading them. (super long posts act like a poison on me, as an active curator) Quite often my approach is much shorter, and simple - "Is your money where your mouth is?"

So I decided to give a quick update, what personally I am doing with my LEO's, with my CUB's, etc In the last 2 weeks, I have done quite a few LEO POWER-UP's. Up at this moment, here is where I am with my staked LEO's: 572kleo.jpg

Even when I sell some LEO, sometimes, not even one single LEO in the full last year been sold with the intention to cash out, or even move funds out of Hive-Engine ecosystem.

Here is a short break-out, how I gained new LEO's, and how I used them, all in the last 12 (twelve) days:


Am I serious about CUB? You bet! But this is a whole another story.

As many have already noticed, I gave up my massive efforts on POB (due to some very important negative facts on that tribe), and swapped most of my POB stake into VYB (Surprisingly, I'm still #9 on the POB rich list)

Another area, where most of my time is spent now, is APPICS. This App, after being dormant for almost a full year, have recently revived on TELOS blockchain, And I think they have a good chances on becoming one day a serious INSTAGRAM alternative. Still in early days, which I like most. It takes time and efforts to maintain my spot in TOP20 ranks on APPICS rich list. What ever negativities can be found yet on APPICS "passion rewarded?", it is so much fun for me, as it fits nicely with my hobbies in Photography and video shooting.

Give it a try. When I see new people from Hive appearing on APPICS, I always leave my fat "upvote" 😀


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