LEO power up day "insurance" (BAD LUCK prize)

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a year ago - 2 minutes read

I see a tremendous interest in the new LPUD initiative by @leogrowth, described in his post two days ago

Due to my unregular and unreliable internet access these days, I got to learn fully about this initiative only once the project went live. I temporally broke away from crypto craze last month, traveling with my family now in a motorhome, around northern Europe. Most of the times we are staying in the remote, wild places in the mountains.

While I see a bunch (1+5) of various prizes will be available for the LEO LPUD stakers, the participation and competition is expected to be high. Chances are some of participants may be trying hard, yet have a danger to end up soon with disappointment. As @leogrowth explained, prize winners will be selected in a random order from those who fully qualify.

So I was thinking if I can somehow encourage them. Finally I decided to establish a BAD LUCK price. LPUD2m.jpg

This will be a 60000 LEO delegation for 3 weeks for someone, who has tried very hard, has fully qualified for ALL the LPUD rules, and still have not been selected even for one single of the 6 prizes for three consecutive months (June 15, July 15, Aug 15).

Besides complying in full with LPUD rules, the pretender must:

  • not make any LEO power-down in the period (June 6th - August 16)
  • post at least once each month on LeoFinance a full size LPUD minded article, describing his LPUD objectives and motives (or whatever), and promoting LPUD. Naturally, these posts should be marked with a #lpud tag.

In case if there will be more than one such "UNLUCKY" guy, priority will be given to the one, who has powered-up more LEO in theses 3 LPUD events. (combined)

I hope this can make some good inspiration to power-up your LEO tokens.

@onealfa, aka Toruk

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