A QUIZ on crypto wallets. Win 20 LEO !

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

Today, while I was getting deeper into things on how crypto wallets work, one idea came to mind. So I decided to give it a publicity, in the form of small challenge, a quiz.

What you would do, if one day you find on a street an old scratched wallet, with no documents inside, just a few currency notes, and a piece of paper?

Just like this:


We all have heard of "paper wallets" for crypto, right? Doesn't it look like an encrypted info with a public ETH address? Ethereum paper wallet? Well, maybe not in the most smart form, but...you know, not every rich man is very smart. 😃

If you understand this, it would not take long for you to go online, and check that particular ETH address. And what you do, if (if!) indeed you see in that address lying 900 ETH? Or $1.2M USD, by todays ETH prices.

If you ever learned how the paper wallets and HD wallets work, chances are you already recognized the pattern. How long it will take for you to figure out the exact "PRIVATE KEY" of this address?

So here is the task:

First comment author, who will post a correct "PRIVATE KEY" of this ETH address, will get a prize from me - 20 LEO (staked directly into your account). Along with the answer - please tell us also how long it took for you get your answer.

For your convenience, besides the picture, here is also these two strings in plain text:


001 01010111000 10011100011 10100101010 11001110111 01100101000 10011100001 00011001111 10001000010 10100010001 11011001101 01011101001 11010101001 10100011011 01001111100 01111101010 00110101011 01000001100 11111000000 00110001011 11110111111 10110001000 01110101000 01110110111

If no right answer will be received in next 7 days, the most close, or most interesting, (or funny) reply will get a 5 Leo encouragement reward.

Spoiler: Nothing very complex or sophisticated is required. Just right understanding, and copy-paste three times. Well, maybe four - the last one will be required for sending the reply here on LeoFinance.


P.S. To help you to easy verify, if your answer is a true and valid ETH key, here is another small spoiler: The required privkey starts with characters "0x...." and ends with string ".....893fb600"

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