Crypto critics need to unlearn to learn and appreciate crypto

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8 months ago - 2 minutes read

I just feel a lot of crypto critics might be crypto critics by association or fear of trying out new things of innovation or fear due to a lot of negative things which they have heard online because I think most of them want to get into crypto but they can not because they feel it is too late for them and they have already filled their head with wrong information about crypto and other digital assets that it has blinded their judgment so much that they think there is no way back but to continue criticizing and hating on crypto, which to me is not the right way to go, they need to learn to unlearn so they can unlearn all the wrong things they have heard about crypto and have believed blindly which is the reason why they now hate crypto.

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Crypto critics need to stop being biased and judging crypto unfairly because if they should do proper homework and research about crypto I do not think they might feel the same way they feel about crypto right now, I check a lot for what crypto critics put out and all I can get from their post or tweets is that they are scared to lose or do not believe in crypto because they do not really know it, because look at the former CEO and chairman of one of the biggest technological companies MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor who was once a crypto critic and skeptic sometime in the past but today he is now one of the biggest crypto supporters, although it is more of Bitcoin because he is a Bitcoin maximalist.

Since he got into crypto a few years ago, he has become one of the most influencer people in the crypto industry, who keeps getting attacked for the amount of Bitcoin his company MicroStrategy holds, and since Bitcoin dipped hard most people have been predicting that they will sell their Bitcoin holdings but a few weeks ago they proved everyone expecting them to sell off their Bitcoin wrong when they bought 301 more extra Bitcoin worth 6 million, making it a total of 130k Bitcoin they are holding on their balance sheet which it worth about $4 billion. Also, Microstrategy stocks have been doing great since the company invested in Bitcoin.


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