CZ’s Response to the CFTC Complaint (Another FUD attack crushed)

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CZ at the moment: Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Yesterday while Bitcoin was dipping and the crypto market, as usual, followed suit and dipped as well, during the dip, I saw a news report about Binance the crypto exchange in the world by daily trading volume, and its CEO CZ was being sued by United States CFTC over alleged regulatory violations, despite Binance working cooperatively with the CFTC for the past two years now, in my opinion, I see this civil complaint filed by the CFTC, as another FUD attack against Binance and CZ, the funny or not so funny thing is that I expect more FUD attacks against Binance since some still blame CZ and Binance for the crash of FTX late last year.

As in earlier in this post I said "heavy is the head that wears the crown", Cz and Binance still remain the biggest crypto exchange, for now I do not know about the future. Cz and Binance being at the top of the crypto exchange game put huge targets at their back because everyone wants the number one spot and the government also wants crypto to be gone but that ain't happening crypto is here to stay.

There are always going attacks fired towards the crypto space, also there would be more and more FUD attacks against Binance and CZ, but not to worry CZ knows got covered and knows how to handle these FUD attacks towards Binance by presenting facts that clear their names and takes out the FUD news before it causes any huge damage because people will always react to the news and I ddon'tblame them, they are trying to play it safe, because yesterday during the Bitcoin dip BNB fell harder than most coin because of how people reacted to the civil complaint filed by the CFTC, but CZ has cleared the air with the fiats below.


Registrations and Licenses. Binance.com holds the highest number of licenses/registrations globally, 16 and counting, and is well regarded by our user community.

Cooperation and Transparency with Law Enforcement. Binance is committed to transparency and cooperation with regulators and law enforcement (LE) — in the US and globally. Binance currently has more than 750 people in our Compliance teams, many with prior law enforcement and regulatory agency backgrounds. To date, we have handled 55,000+ LE requests, and assisted US LE freeze/seize more than $125 million in funds in 2022 alone and $160 million in 2023 so far.

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