The struggles of making money from Crypto Arbitrage Trading

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8 months ago - 2 minutes read

For some time now I have had my eyes on making extra money from the crypto, as I do less trading the crypto market now and of just dollar cost averaging (DCA) and HODL in anticipation for the Bull run which nobody knows when it will come and if it will even happen this year, as a lot of people in the crypto industry are predicting that the bull run will come next year 2023 or the year after 2024, that as side and as we wait for the prolonged bear market that is looking like it has no ending in sight I have been hunting for crypto jobs on Twitter and off Twitter but majorly on Twitter, I have sent DMs upon DMs and Emails, still waiting on their response.

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Now back to Arbitrage trading and its struggles, first I would advise you have a certain amount of USDT sitting around so that when you see an opportunity you would not have to sell some of your coins to go a buy the coin where you saw the opportunity, because sometimes before you are done selling and think of buying the coin where you saw the opportunity and transferring that coin to the exchange where you are supposed to sell it and make your profit, the exchange might have found out the price difference and balanced it up.

which means no work done and worst case scenario the said coin might have dropped and to make matters worse the coin you sold to buy the coin you saw the opportunity on might have skyrocketed, which means you would have to buy your coins back at a high rate, which simply means you lost on that trading opportunity but the good news is that you can make it all back when you get or catch a good trade and all goes well.

Pros And Cons Of Arbitrage Trading

From my experience, the cons are way more than the pros but all the same, it is a trading investment opportunity worth trying because the end game of any investment or trading opportunity is to make some profit.


  • Make some profit or a lot of money.


  • Possibility of losing some money when exchanges find out the price differences and adjust them quickly.

  • Network / Confirmation time delay.

  • Outrageous Charges Fees.

  • Price drop.

  • Taking too long to get or catch an opportunity or opportunities.

  • Buying your coins sold at a much higher price than when you sold.

  • The stress of selling and buying back all your coins one by one.


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