My Hive goals for 2023!

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

Currently at 22875 HP

Everyone needs to set goals if he or she wants to achieve something in life. Very little things come without a plan. So, I decided to set a plan for 2023.

Currently I am sitting on a Hive Power of 22875 and 1006 HBD in savings.

Now here come the goals:

  • By the end of 2023 I should be at 30000 Hive Power and 2500 Hive Backed Dollars!

Now, how will I achieve that? That is the biggest question!

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Action plan

Currently I am posting around 2 times per day, and an average of about 7 comments per day. I have realized that that is not enough to achieve my goal. As my curation rewards per 30 days are now approximately 152 HP, which is extrapolated 2000 HP just by curation, with some extra curation for growth calculated in. So, I need another 5000 Hive Power just from posting and commenting. Which is a lot, but doable. So as of now, I will be posting 3 times per day, at least, I will try that for a while, and see what returns it will give me. It would mean that every post needs to bring me 5 Hive Power in rewards. Regardless of the HBD.

For HBD, I will need to do other things to get my requested goal. 3 posts per day, should bring me about 800 HBD per year, together with the 200 HBD in interest, which makes me 500 HBD short of my goal. But I will compensate that by selling some of my Hive Engine tokens for HBD instead of Hive Power. I will wait a while to do that, as the price of Hive is too low right now to do that. But we are clearly seeing Hive crawling from the dungeon right now, with a decent rise today!

What then?

And then is the question, what if I achieve these goals? Well, that would make my curation rewards shoot up to about 220 HP per month, which is pretty damn decent, and it will only grow further. Especially, when Hive's price rises, say to 2 USD, this would mean, a return of 440 USD per month. For... voting! If that isn't a nice future sight?

What are your goals for 2023?



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