Buying the right things at the wrong time

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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

Ever needed $DEC?

That is the in-game currency used on Splinterlands, and I am sure the answer is mostly a NO. However now with CubDefi having a pool for DEC I can imagine some people needing it. I thought so at least.

Imagine how long people had to sit on top of so much of one token just to finally find a use for it or make a profit. Obviously many use it to buy cards in-game which I guess is some kind of dollar-cost averaging.

I recently learnt that term. So proud right now. Just to be clear I don't mind Splinterlands, it is about as good as any game. It all depends on the itch.

Looking at CoinGecko today and Polkadot going towards $40 I can't help but reminisce when I bought it at $4ish.

Now I don't really want to buy more but if it is a choice between Chainlink and Polkadot then I will take the one with a supposed use case. Polkadot.

No clue why XRP is rubbing its taint all over my screenshot though.

To be fair I do have Chainlink, because I refuse to fund my Eth wallet.

Obviously, I have BNB. BNB is one of those that I just owned but really only because I exchanged a ton of other tokens on Binance and never like trading to BTC unless it is the only option. Soon after BNB went up from $90ish to $200ish and I was like:

"That is nice."

The problem I see with my strategies is that I don't tend to keep tokens once the itch hits because I assume I can always just buy back.

I got rid of Ava, Rune, Polkadot, Algo, Matic, and probably a few others which to the public seem to be worth something. I have a few back now, at a higher cost but now opening the exchange is a pain in my ass because there is a few hundred dollars worth I can't do shit with and for how long?

So far I have not really lost from selling tokens and buying back higher, because each time I did I made enough to be able to even buyback.

With the Cub pools now I will at least be coming out with 100% more so the itch starts and my thinking is well why not sell those coins I bought higher in and make them have babies with some cheap hooker coin.

Then I use the eventual cashout from CUB to just buy back because how much could they possibly go up...

It seems to me timing is everything and so far it has been hit and miss but fuck when it hits. It is good. I do need to learn to HODL though and maybe implement that new phrase I learnt:

"Dollar-cost averaging."

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