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Hello everyone! Pozdrav svima!

I haven't posted my reports for a few months now, I was super busy at work, but I have time now, lucky for you. 😝

Season 106 was an interesting one, at least for me - more about that later.

First things first, let's recapitulate what happened in the game during this season, what's new in the world of Splinterlands.

On the last day of February the team introduced the Season Rentals that have few important rules:

  • Rentals made with more than 7 days left in a season will be for the remaining days until the end of the season, if there are less than 7 days left in a season then the rental will be for the days until the end of the following season (Daily rentals will work as they have previously)
  • You pay up front for the entire duration of a Season rental and have the card for that many days
  • Rentals that are cancelled by the owner, will still be rented until the end of the season, and then come off the market, but the renter cannot cancel a season rental early for a refund

On that same update the rating resets at end of season have been redone and that changes went live at the end of this season 106.

Next update brought to us new market listing fees and listings expiration. Market items will now expire after 30 days and rentals will only expire if they are not rented out for a period of 30 days. Listing a card for sale, rent or changing its price will now cost a 1 DEC or Credit fee. This should make a huge impact on the card market.

And on the last update, that happened a day before the season ended, Splinterlands Battle Bots (Automated free-to-play accounts) got introduced to the game. They have been added to Novice league to supply matches to new players (Novice players will no longer be matched with Bronze players).

And last but certainly not the least news was that CL packs sold out!

Very exciting couple of weeks with some huge changes.

During the last 3 months (since my last report) I've doubled my staked SPS total. But I had to unstake some of it because my renting expenses got a bit too high. The price of SPS is a bit higher then 3 months ago, so total value of my SPS is almost tripled.

Last season I started playing in Gold league and finished quite high up the Gold 1 league thanks to strong ending. I advanced to Diamond just before the end so played for Diamond season chest this season.

At the start I had some trouble getting into Gold 1 league but once I jumped over that hurdle it was smooth ride the rest of the way. Thankfully that won't be an issue next season because of the new rating resets at the EOS, as I mentioned earlier.

In the end I finished the season with decent 54% win rate and earned 44 diamond season chests, together with 113 daily chests (with and average of 7.5 chests per day). These are lower numbers then my silver league seasons, but reward chests are a tier higher so I was hoping for better rewards.

My rating at the end of the season was 3161 and that was enough for me to advance to Diamond 2 league before the season ends, so I'm starting new season from Gold 1, thanks to the new rating reset rules.

As you can see in the chart below, my SPS earnings were pretty constant during the whole season, with a huge jump in the end from EOS chest. Battle SPS is most often 3 times, even 5 times, higher then SPS rewards from chests.

I hoped that diamond chests will reward me with some awesome GF legendary cards, that I usually see others posting around, but the best it did was a GF epic and one regular foiled legendary. Even the SPS reward wasn't that great considering there was 40+ diamond chests. So this is what I got from my 44 diamond season chests:

I can't really complain on the number of cards I got, especially with 8 copies of earth summoner - my Quora will be delighted.

For the ones that like numbers, I made a recap of the whole season.

|Income|Amount| |-|-| |DEC earned from rentals|7,165.948| |SPS earned from battles|58.440| |SPS earned from chests|42.542| ||| |Outcome|Amount| |DEC spent on rentals and fees|9,813.637| ||| |PROFIT (DEC)|-2,647.689| |PROFIT (SPS)|100.982|

Total DEC income from rentals is much lower then it used to be, mostly due to me having to do manual listing and updating of the prices, because @splinterrents had to temporary shut their service down to adopt to new rental fees. Also I had to rent higher level cards to be competitive in Gold league and that increased my DEC outcome. All of this resulted with me being at 2,6k DEC deficit. I had to unstake a couple hundred SPS to be able to cover that loss.

But that extra cost will be compensated in better chest rewards, I'm sure.

It is so much easier to track your earning now with the new Currency Activity feature in-game, kudos to Splinterlands developer team for making this happen.

I explained how to use this feature, export it to Excel and do the calculations with the data in one of my previous posts. If you missed it, you can find it in the link below:

And finally, for the ones that like to look at the pretty card pictures (like me) I will show you my whole season recap of chest winnings - all 156 chests (44 diamond chests and 112 gold chests). 😍

In the end this was a decent month, more SPS and CL packs then the month before. Here is the recap in numbers:

|CARDS|| |-|-| |Common Regular|Common Gold Foil| |148|5| |Rare Regular|Rare Gold Foil| |42|-| |Epic Regular|Epic Gold Foil| |6|3| |Legendary Regular|Legendary Gold Foil| |5|-| ||| |POTIONS|| |Legendary Potions|Alchemy Potions| |209|209| ||| |CURRENCY|| |SPS|Merits| |42.474|1,113| ||| |Chaos Legion Packs|| |1||

Big shout out to @deadzy for making this beautiful splintershare site, where you can see all your chest rewards for last couple of months and easily share it with your fiends and family.

Also, I have to mention guys from @splinterrents. Without their rental service I wouldn't be able to manage my rentals, have time to play AND make awesome blog posts. I highly recommend this service! (when they come back online) πŸ‘

And this last screenshot, the season summary, was made on splex.gg site.

If you still haven't tried Splinterlands try it out πŸ‘‰ HERE πŸ‘ˆ

Thank you for your time, and please vote if you like this post. πŸ‘