New Hive-enabled site inji.com! First impressions and feedback

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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

inji.com, nice domain. Take on Twitter and beat it.

Some UI feedback:

The settings dialog on the new post screen could use some hover-over explanation. I don't know what Distribute rewards means or what enabling LEO Finance will do. I've enabled it to see. And the "Use" one seems like an artifact or placeholder. I clicked Go to Settings but it wants to discard my post if I do. If there's an option to go to settings in a new post, it shouldn't abandon what's been written.

The category selection drop down menu on the new post screen only displays two categories with no scrolling on a 1080P monitor. And you can search for categories but can't make your own. Let's see what hashtags do: #feedback

Other than that the UI is nice and slick. Really nicely designed without being a copy of something else. Hive integration looks good. This is really nice to see!

Now here's a test to see what happens to the inji post if I edit it on Hive. Here's the link to the inji post by the way: https://inji.com/@pfunk/p-19g65xkum52g9u8b520fae4bf3daa3

The original, uncropped image meant to go with this post: