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I know that there are very popular sayings like "Mind your business", or "Don't look in other one's pocket", but here in crypto, where most things are transparent, you can do it... And sometimes, it is a good way to know with whom are you dealing...

Throughout history, we always had a lot of "snake oil salesmen"... People who would just talk, and not do the "walk"... Talking about one thing, praising it, adoring, selling it to YOU, but they wouldn't use the "product" themselves... I suppose that you had experience with that people and it's hard to not fall into the trap of those "sweet words"...

Crypto is a very fertile ground for snake oil salesmen as there are a lot of inexperienced people which have very little knowledge about crypto and a huge wish to become rich overnight... When you combine these things, you know what you get in the end... A lot of poor people and a rich snake oil salesman... It's hard to resist all those APRs, sweet promises of future projects, promises of tokens going to the Moon, and all those Lambos... 😃 Did you notice the pattern? A lot of the word "promise"!

Now, it's not the problem with the word promise, as the problem is that NOBODY can promise you such things... We are back to the story about the "crystal ball" and knowing the future... and the story that someone else will do the job for you...

Oh, I forgot about other sweet words like... We are doing this for the technology... or... We are doing this for the community... or... We are doing this for HIVE!

The first thing that you should do when you hear this talk is to go to the wallet of the project, or even better, to the wallet of the project owner and check it out... I was very, very surprised when I did that for some well-known people on HIVE... I understand that you can do "your thing" on HIVE, but taking something from the blockchain should have the other side, and giving something back, too... And having some HIVE in your wallet should be the first step... If you believe in it, why don't you have some?

YOUR stake in HIVE is YOUR REPUTATION on Hive... It's not that other number that says "reputation"... I know it sounds contradictory, but it is like that...

So, next time when someone is trying to sell you something on HIVE, check out their wallet and act accordingly... Don't underestimate your power and influence on the chain... You matter more than some others that pretend to be more valuable!

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