RE: Hive Is Already Building Elon Musk's Everything App

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@piensocrates8 months ago
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From my point of view, the thing about the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk has more commotion than usual because Musk is a showman, he is an eccentric billionaire who always gives something to talk about. Of course, with this I am not minimizing the fact that Twitter is one of the most important social networks today, and that is why its acquisition for such a sum of money (like the one offered by Musk) is highly remarkable.

However, as you said, at HIVE we already own and are building what Musk is supposed to want to do with Twitter, and in fact, as you also said, at HIVE we are doing it better, because of the decentralization of data. Therefore, even if Musk's purchase of Twitter comes to fruition, not even in his wildest dreams will the billionaire be able to do anything that equals or surpasses HIVE in that regard.

All this shows us the enormous growth potential of HIVE; We really have a long way to go to grow as a platform, project and cryptocurrency, but we are on the right track. Fundamentally, what can be seen at first glance is that we still need to project and promote the platform more, so that it will be better known throughout the world in the future. We are on the way to achieving it, and we must continue working in this direction.

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