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It works all the time. I thought the banking issue is so dire, crypto will be left alone. That is not the case with what at stake with SEC going after any centralized companies or person in charge. This year it will be a tornado against crypto. Luckily we have a counter punch while it is happening. The financial system is in such a disorder state, crypto keeps shinning through the light.

The more shaky it seems the stronger #btc has become. it proves to be an asset worth diversify to. Banks will act out. They will get bailed out. Only folks with no projection could fall short. While it is all happening, crypto is not shy about its direction. This month alone serves us well with #hive celebrating its third year as the community takes a decision that outgrows everyone expectation.

You can say what you have in your mind. Hive is stronger than ever. If only you understand this piece of advise and do the simple task as I call it proof of wait, you may be better off than 2019. Just by learning how crypto moves is enough to put you on the path to new horizon. I know the terminology of proof of stake, proof of brain tend to emphasize what this blockchain stands for. Practicing to the fullest Proof of wait is the most efficient way to bring value and continue to keep Hive away from the exchangers.

A lot safer when you hold your token. It is no mystery Hive did reach the area of $3. Times changes. It is possible in the next bull run for Hive to demonstrate $5 is catchable. We are building and making sure the blockchain can take the right course. The next couple of years will be important for cryptocurrency to make a bigger spalsh where conventional currency, I mean fiat, may not be able to help.

There will e a void and crypto will fill it with ease. Liquidity always remain in the next chapter. That was the banks issue, no liquidity, no business. It happens so fast there is a reason crypto could help in the right set of command. As I mention earlier SEC is scaring away investors from crypto. I guess they managed to be connected despite the pressure.

Have you read the story about #jp Morgan holding in a warehouse bunch of bags of stones instead of nickel. This is where crypto stands again to grow. It is all digital where you are in charge of everything. It makes more sense for the banks o invest in crypto. It offers more windows to the world. You probably read about the #yuan that Russia may use for exchange abroad. It sounds really pessimist when you read about fiat currency. You can see it has nothing to do with empowerment. it is control the market and keep many under the dark in crypto currency.

Another three years Hive could be roaming in the same direction. I am hoping more will understand the power you have when you hold crypto. Proof of wait just pays dividends. It is a matter of speed from your plan to fully grasp of what Hive can do for you. I know a dollar is really close. It will be your effort to grab Hive now than later. March is concluding its last week. Be ready to see flair in the air. I know the momentum is on our side since inflation is hard to take away. Rising interest rates is a way to keep you at bay.

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