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Your guess is way better than mine. A friend told me by Monday we could see the trend heading that direction. It is possible to watch really close if this is the norm. These days #crypto is defined as the way to park your funds and earn while doing so. When you think the banks are the safest and this happens, #crypto is by mile the plausible answer to the flaw in the financial system.

Looking at January it was a slam dunk. February was carrying over. March is a beast with 19 days in the book. It looks dead in the water this month drama is not done. Collapsing banks do not disappear tomorrow. There could be more banks in the trench waiting for a pseudo bail out. With the amalgam by the FED to squash inflation the end result may be like a spring. Nobody knows where it will fall.

For the past two years April through June signaled no true intention the market carry on to this year. Everything in life is all about ups and down. Hard to digest the next move. Since 2020 everything is calibrating to some extent. I think March environment with the FED willingness to tackle inflation could suggest how the market will react. July tends to hold a special place for the past 10 years. It is Summer and who knows how it will defile.

Without notice we are at one fourth of 2023. #crypto stands to weather any incoming storm. I think holding is a primordial aspect when you know what may come. Do not get me wrong the dollar is strong if your business plan needs it. liquidity is the same sauce that can make you or break you. Have you seen the amount being traded via #usdt? It is to show it is the #defacto #stablecoin out there.

Maybe this is the prelude to what 2024 will be. BTC halving is within our reach. Are you buying #bitcoin now? Maybe it could be way too expensive to fit your budget. That is understandable. It does not hurt to have a few #satoshis. At the same time BTC could risk it and drop below $20k before the big event. Rest assured any direction you take you need to be at the finish line. BTC is only acting to our demand. Inflation to the left reinforces the value crypto generates long term.

At the same token price may not be the most important diagraph to look at. I am just saying. Just look at Hive playing with us last week around 30+ cents for a week to rebound by 40 cents. Keep in mind Hive is getting tighter and tighter where 50 cents will come running where you will force to purchase at 10 cents extra. As a close community Hive manages to lower volatility by keeping you at bay.

You may not be able to own enough #satoshis to feel good about yourself but you can implement daily cost average and pave your way with Hive and HBD. Glad to mention the rapport of #cub finance pushing BHIVE and BHBD to support the tokens while earning considerably while your tokens remain liquid. It is worth to look at and plan for the revamp of #cub finance.

BTC will take the right direction. I guess you want to be ahead and plan for it. 2024 is around the corner. You can only reap for what you sow. I am waiting for Hive move. By the way March is Hive month. This community/ blockchain knows how to remain steadfast. It is not something you see often but most altcoins including Hive does follow BTC direction.

Holding Hive is like holding an extension of the leading crypto. Since they intertrade, they lock value according to supply and demand. A growing BTC will inherit Hive with positive vibe. There is a solid reason we hold value within our realm. I think you play a role to make this happen. So much is at stake these days. Crypto is just minding its business. Till today many folks still do not get what crypto stands for. Next week development will give us a glimpse of what to come. This is why you plan. Keep on vesting.

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