RE: A Businessman's Version Of Free speech: What is Elon Musk Cooking?

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Seems like the easiest answer for Musk, especially since he became so rich, is that he follows whatever whims he has. When he was helping build PayPal and later building Tesla, he could bear down and focus like most other tech leaders. But since becoming a celebrity CEO and seeing those early businesses grow into somewhat mature businesses, his skill set and attention span are shown not to be adequate. I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect different skills to flourish at different times. Start up company needs different emphasis than grown up company. He is terrible, as far as I can tell, at the grow up company skills. He has begun to dabble now in other whims, spacex, boring, now twitter, political influence, comedy shows, pop culture icon. In many ways he is following a Trump-like playbook, with the big difference being that Musk actually is a billionaire. He does a little of this, a little of that, and no one can tell him otherwise.

I would be stunned if he had a plan for humanity, and I wouldn't think it very accurate or helpful either, if he wasn't so influential. Sad that he seems to want to use his influence now to make people angry, aggrieved, and paranoid.

Also, just a note for accuracy, the pressure he felt to buy Twitter at 44b was only a lawsuit to seek his compliance with a takeover deal that he signed and agreed to voluntarily. There was no coercion to get him to agree to that price. He did it out of his own freewill and interests, then tried to back out.

Interesting post! !LOLZ

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