Odds and Ends — 24 March 2023

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Jay Powell outsources monetary policy

Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon reportedly arrested in Montenegro

China approves first home-grown mRNA Covid vaccine

How raccoon dog DNA fits into the COVID-19 origins debate

Poll: Signature DeSantis policies unpopular with Americans ahead of likely presidential run

Ron DeSantis’ foreign policy: Go big and stay home

Inside Ron DeSantis’s Plan to Ride Anti-vaxxism to the White House

Another Prosecutor Is Apparently Racing Toward a Trump Indictment

Although two courts have now found that Corcoran was in on discussions that involved the planning or concealing of a crime, we don’t know whether he was an unwitting participant to whom Trump lied or a willing collaborator. Either way, the discussions in his presence eliminated his obligation to keep his client’s communication confidential when subpoenaed by Smith to answer a grand jury’s questions.   To date, however, it appears that Corcoran’s gone to the mat for Trump and bypassed offramps to cooperation. Prosecutors notice such things and draw inferences about innocence or guilt. If Corcoran was innocently involved, he’s unlikely to want to take the fall for his client. If he became part of a scheme, he could invoke his 5th Amendment rights, but Smith could then grant him immunity and compel him to testify. Either way, Smith is getting the documents.

Bragg’s Office Slams GOPers’ Demand For Testimony: Not A ‘Legitimate Basis For Congressional Inquiry’

North Carolina Approves Medicaid Expansion

A Medicaid expansion deal in North Carolina received final legislative approval on Thursday, ending a decade of debate over whether the closely politically divided state should accept the federal government’s coverage for hundreds of thousands of low-income adults. North Carolina is one of several Republican-led states that have begun considering expanding Medicaid after years of steadfast opposion. Voters in South Dakota approved expansion in a referendum in November. And in Alabama, advocates are urging lawmakers to take advantage of federal incentives to expand Medicaid in order to provide health insurance to thousands of low-income people.

Immigration fuels Canada's largest population growth of over 1 million

Migration accounted for nearly 96% of the population growth, according to Statistics Canada.

Canada is one of the few countries that get’s it. Countries averse to immigration will face a demographic nightmare in coming decades.

Oops: Trump’s Lawyer Called The Stormy Daniels Hush Money Deal “illegal” In 2018

This was before Joe Tacopina was hired to represent the ex-president.

Trump Already Has a Plan to Get Revenge on Alvin Bragg

If Trump retakes the White House, he and his team will arrive with a detailed plot to take down the Manhattan DA

Russia Steps Up Arctic Patrols

NATO ally Norway has announced that it is boosting the number of naval patrols near vital undersea gas pipelines off its coast, and released a trove of videos… illustrating what it sees as a growing Russian threat in the Arctic. The videos provided by the Royal Norwegian Air Force capture the high-stakes cat-and-mouse game between the two militaries, with Russian attack submarines patrolling near a maze of undersea pipelines carrying vast amounts of natural gas to Europe and telecommunication cables linking Europe and America.

Court Action Suggests Peril for Trump in Documents Probe

The behind-the-scenes legal fight over obtaining evidence from a lawyer who represented former President Donald Trump in the investigation into his handling of classified documents has brought into sharper view where the Justice Department might be headed with the case. According to the wisps of information that have seeped out of sealed court filings and closed-door hearings, prosecutors believe they have compelling evidence that Mr. Trump obstructed the government’s efforts to reclaim the sensitive records and may have even misled his own lawyers.

Mississippi Has Invested Millions of Dollars to Save Its Oysters. They’re Disappearing Anyway.

50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brilliant Artists

Some of these albums were the products of way too much cocaine. (Elton, we’re looking at you.) Some of them came from label pressure to move beyond a cult following by creating commercial music. (Hello, Liz Phair.) Some of them were crafted before a band found its true sound (Pantera, take a bow), while others came long after key members parted and the band had no earthly reason to still exist. (Cough-Genesis-cough).

Tattoos Do Odd Things to the Immune System

When you stick ink-filled needles into your skin, your body’s defenders respond accordingly. Scientists aren’t sure if that’s good or bad for you.

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