Odds and Ends — 26 March 2023

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Bitcoin Was a Winner During the U.S. Banking Crisis, but Illiquidity Prevents It From Being a USD Hedge

Twitter’s plan to charge researchers for data access puts it in EU crosshairs

Elon Musk’s social media giant plans to charge academics to access its data — in potential violation of Europe’s content rules

Tim Draper recommends founders hold ’at least’ two payrolls ‘worth of cash’ in crypto

American venture capital investor Tim Draper warned business founders to prepare for “more and more” bank failures if the government continues to “print money and whipsaw interest rates.“

Why the COVID-19 death rate varies dramatically across the US

Maine school districts confront COVID-19 funding cliff

Disney World Event Gives Florida Gov. DeSantis the Middle Finger

GOP Weighs Protecting Trump with New Law

A trio of House Republican committee chairs say the House of Representatives could soon take up legislation to strip state and local prosecutors of the authority to prosecute former presidents in response to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment of former president Donald Trump.

No one is above the law. No one. This legislation would literally let people get away with murder or any other state or local crime.

Squeezed by investigations, Trump escalates violent rhetoric

Indicted Chinese Exile Controls Gettr Social Media Site

…Guo Wengui, and his longtime money manager, William Je, called the shots at the company while Donald Trump senior adviser Jason Miller was its chief executive and public face.

What Anti-Abortion Advocates Really Think of Women’s Lives

In a new case, Oklahoma’s dissenting judges made a chilling declaration of their true beliefs.

Pentagon Struggles to Feed War Machine

Industry consolidation, depleted manufacturing lines and supply chain issues have combined to constrain the production of basic ammunition like artillery shells while also prompting concern about building adequate reserves of more sophisticated weapons.

How do superconductors work? A physicist explains what it means to have resistance-free electricity

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