My HBD savings goal.

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At the beginning of this year, I made a goal to achieve 500 HBD locked in my savings so as to enjoy the 20% interest on it. I started putting my HBD into savings last year in April and it went on till the end of the year when I did earn some amount on it. Though it wasn't much, I still had the opportunity to earn interest. I had plans for the Hbd though as I thought it would help me to cover my need when going for NYSC service but things went unplanned for me.

I started withdrawing my Hbd from my savings to settle my brother who is in school and needed money for feeding and things a student would need in school. Thank God I had something to help support him as I didn't want to leave the whole responsibility to my big sister; she has done a lot for the family and I wouldn't want the burden to be too heavy on her alone. She is a lady and should also take care of herself and not keep carrying the burden alone.

It was hard at first to withdraw the Hbd I intended to use for my need but my siblings cannot be denied when there is money lying somewhere. My service has been delayed for now — thanks to my school who hasn't answered us by not releasing our results, and that helped me to give the money to my brother.

Finally, I withdrew the last savings some weeks ago when my little and last sister got admitted into the University and I would have to support her too. I converted the hbd to hive, send it to Binance and traded even with a hard mind because I didn't want to do it but family calls.

Right now, I have no Hbd in my savings and I do not intend to lock my liquid HBD for now because it's what is helping me survive. I have no other source of income apart from Hive and I have been saved by the Blockchain.

Right now, my plan is to keep writing and engaging. Whatever HBD I earn would be accumulated to get most of what I need presently. I do not plan to power down my Hive at all because it would hurt me so much to do that. I am working hard to grow my HP because it's my power on Hive. I want to continue having value when curating posts and meet up with my goal at the end of the year.

Seeing no HBD in my savings keeps giving me this feeling that makes me sad but we are in the third month which would be ending in some days. There is still time though and I hope to start putting my HBD into savings as soon as possible, but for now, let me focus on taking care of some major responsibilities on me.

I pray there wouldn't be unexpected circumstances that would leave me no choice but to power down too. It's not easy but I would have no choice then.

It's not easy having a lot of responsibility on you but just as someone said, it is what it is!

Thanks for your time on my blog.

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