Free Punk Giveaway!!! - Introducing @Punklegends Curation Account - Free Punk Giveaway!!!

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The goal of @punklegends is to help support Hive Punks by curating content from Punk holders and to offer a free punk to anyone who wants one for their avatar.

For this competition, we are only accepting entries from people who have never owned a Punk.

How to Enter:

  • Choose one of the Punks below and use it as your avatar on Hive and Discord until we choose a winner.
  • Write a post about Punks on Hive using the tag #punk-entry and add a link to this post.
  • Optional: Contact me, @gonzo at Punk Legends to ensure that we add you to the drawing.
  • Optional: Inform me if you use the punk on any other social media accounts.

The winners will be chosen one week after we receive our fifth entry, so everyone has time to enter.

Random number generators will be used to help decide winners and their prizes, like when multiple people win, but they are using the same punk as their avatar.

Good Luck!

I would like to thank our newest donator: @yabapmatt along with @wizardx, @marcurio and myself: @gonzo for donating the Punks and making this Giveaway possible. I would also like to thank @otage and @beanz for delegating to this project.

If any of you would like to delegate HP or donate a Punk, you can either send them to @punklegends or contact @gonzo on Discord at Punk Legends

I am also on the hunt for a programmer to help build a small app for Punks, so if you have some free time, contact me.

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