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Alright, Here are some of the topis that we'll cover in this article :

  1. Tips and Tricks for Brawl Clean Sweep (My first time with Summoner's Tribe๐Ÿ˜ป)
  2. How the new Energy Systems will benefit all players in Splinterlands
  3. What's New on Splinterlands?
  4. The announcement of Giveaway #71 Winner ๐ŸŽ‰
  5. Giveaway #73 ๐Ÿ’ธ

Alright, Let's get started with the first topic :

To start this section, let's see the result of the latest brawl (Top 3 of Brawl #141) :

And... Here is the Clean Sweepers at Summoner's Tribe guild :

Well, now let's talk about some tips on how to do Brawl Clean Sweep in Tier 4, There are 3 matches โš”๏ธ that I want to share to all of you guys, I hope you like it :


|Ruleset|Mana|Element| |-|-|-| |Melee Mayhem, Equalizer, |38|Fire, Death, Earth, Dragon|


One of many ways to create team with massive attack is to use Yodin since the summoner will give blast ability_blast.png effect to all of his friendly monsters. What makes Yodin much better option in this battle is because the ruleset was equalizer 27.png which increase health points all of the low HP fire monsters like Serpentine Spy, Spark Pixie and Djinn Inferni. this strategy will make them super strong as they have huge attack as well as HP. Another important ruleset which has to be considered is heavy hitters heavy-hitters (1).png which inflict double damage when the target is stunned, so monsters with stun ability is very important that's why I put Technowizologist come to play. Thank you @happychillmore for the battle, that was a great game.


|Ruleset|Mana|Element| |-|-|-| |Taking Sides, Fire and Regret, Melee Mayhem|43|Fire, Water, Earth, Dragon|


Well, after talking about how to create an effective attack with Yodin, Let's talk about how to counter that legendary Summoner. The above battle is showing how to beat Yodin with Mylor. Since the ruleset is Fire and regret img_combat-rule_fire-regret_150.png, there's a low probability that the opponent will play ranged monsters so that's the reason why I used Mylor and it's effectively proven to counter the opponent's 3 melee monsters (Magnor, chimney Wallstop and Serpentine Spy). In order to increase the thorn ability_thorns.png and magic reflect ability_magic-reflect.png damage, amplify from Queen Mycelia is needed. Another thing which is very important to deal with Yodin is the monster at second position should have heal ability_heal.png or reflection shield ability_reflection-shield.png ability to prevent the blast effect spread at the back line. Thank you @champion-slayer for the battle, that was a great game.


|Ruleset|Mana|Element| |-|-|-| |Heavy Hitters, Equal Opportunity, Up to Eleven|58|Fire, Water, Earth, Life|


This is one of the best battle in Brawl because if we see at the battle above, How crazy Gladius card (Lv.2 Tatyana Blade) after getting Martyr ability_martyr.png ability from Venari Marksrat. She has successfully evade the opponent attack 6 times thanks to the dodge ability, 6 speed โšก๏ธand blind ability for the opponent given by Lir Deepswimmer. Phantom of the Abyss took very important role with his demoralize ability_demoralize.png ability since it reduced all 5 of the opponent monsters melee damage except Forgotten one who has Immune ability_immunity.png ability. I was expecting the opponent will use Yodin and many ranged attack but I am glad to have 100% win rate after the opponent used Jacek as the summoner and huge melee monsters. Thank you @olebulls for the battle, that was a great game.

Well, Splinterlands has made the new regulations about the number of battles โš”๏ธ that players can play in a day. The more detail of the information can be seen HERE. The point of the article is that players can only play maximum 50 battle in a day and if they want to play more, they have to pay ๐Ÿ’ธ the energy (1 energy equals to 1 match) based on the highest league he / she has achieved. The cost of the energy can be seen in the below table :

|League|Cost per 1 energy (DEC)| |-|-| |Bronze|1| |Silver|10| |Gold|50| |Diamond|150| |Champion|500|

1. Make the leaderboard competition more fair

2. Reduce the circulation of DEC

3. Simplifying the Complexity

We have a very great news this morning with the presence of the new Promo card, Vruz ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. What makes this cards special are his low mana (2), his splinter type (Dragon), and his abilities (sneak, martyr, and true strike). All of monsters who have martyr ability_martyr.png ability are always being used a lot since they can give additional stats (+1) to all of the adjacent monsters (the same effect as Bloodlust), So having the card at least at lv. 5 is a must. The sale begin on March 21 and players have to stake at least 1000 SPS in order to be eligible to purchase ๐Ÿ’ธ 1 card. So get your staked SPS ready to add this card to your collection guys!

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Image from thread
| |-| | Charlock Minotaur |

I will use Wheel of Names for the drawing and the name picked out will be given the card prize.

How to participate :
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Notes :
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  2. The winner will be announced in the next giveaways.
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Alright, that's the end of this article guys, Thank you for visiting my blog. See you in the next article and giveaway. Take care~


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