Dcity : Build it for your passive income.

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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

Dcity : Build it for your passive income.

When someone ask me about the games that I play I often forget the name of Dcity because Dcity give me liberty to forget it for day or may be for week and still accumulate my earnings. For past few days I was also accumulating SIM so that I can get Hive rewards for accumulating SIM and get little more power in my governance vote. (though it is insignificant.)

Above is my city before I pumped it little with my SIM reserves that I am holding.

Getting close to .02 Hive daily now for average running balance close to 10K SIM for 30 days.

What to buy.

Everyone has it's own choice on upgrading and expanding their own city but I am currently investing on Military Industrial Complex because I feel that we have currently lot of war going on and having MIC gives you lot of profits as WAR profits. Now my city look like as below:

If war keep on going , MIC will give me handsome profits and in my personal experience the MIC price was always keep high so even if WAR stops , I think I can easily get my investment back.

If you like to join the game ,you can join the game here

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