Did LEO outperformed Bitcoin despite Bitcoin Bull run?

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I guess it is more than a month when I published my post about LEO/wLEO price Matrix in which I was identified my metrics regarding four points for which I checked the performance of LEO/wLEO.

Those four metrics were as: 1.USD Value 2.Hive Value 3. Bitcoin/BTC Value 4.ETH Value

So let see how LEO fared in these parameters

1.USD Value

When I last wrote about it the USD value of LEO was $0.225 (upto 3 decimal place). But today at time of writing this post I see LEO value is currently $.536 taken from Coingecko

This make 138% rise in LEO value as compared to last post value or in other words LEO become 2.38x more valuable in last 52 days.

2.Hive Value When I created my last post , 1 LEO was 1.829 Hive (upto 3 decimal place) but today when I checked price at Leodex it was 3.859 Hive.

so it means Leo has increased by 110% in terms of Hive value ot it is now 2.1x of Hive previous value.

3. Bitcoin/BTC Value This one is my favorite parameter because Bitcoin is "Cryto Gold Standard" and comparing the price against BTC perfectly make sense. At the time of writing previous post the LEO value was 1279 satoshi.

Today at time of writing this post , wLEO value is 1454 satoshi. It means 13.6% increase in LEO price.

Wow! LEO as outperformed BTC also despite the BTC bull run.

4.ETH Value Liquidity provider will be interested in this parameter how their wLEO is faring against ETH.

By seeing the trade in Uniswap pool , It look 1 ETH is currently equivalent to 2613 wLEO/LEO .

Does it look like it is reduction of 9.7% here.

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