Hive goes up or down, I keep powering up and my 16K HP milestone.

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

Hive goes up or down, I keep powering up and my 16K HP milestone.

Today looks like a little good day for Hive that it jumped 4% and this jump is not only in USD value but against the BTC value too. In short, today's jump in Hive price is not due to the market going up or rallying up heavily and bringing the Hive value up. Since Hive gained against BTC so it is a little Hive rally. Personally, I am happy as I am able to buy a lot of SPS in this rally but on the same note, VOUCHERS that I hold lost value, and the SPS that I hold in my account also lost value against Hive. Sometimes I feel that my Hive portfolio is some kind of "Zero Sum Game".


I am not sure but looks like I miss "yearly" consistency on Hive and I took some kind of break from Hive for a year then I keep coming back. Unfortunately, this time I took this break even before the start of the year 2023. Since I took a break, so I also lagged on my weekly growth. Though I am good on my overall targets because I keep balancing my income and profits and keep converting them into Hive so that I can maintain my weekly growth of 125 HP per week.

I was supposed to reach 15000 HP past Christmas and I think it is almost 9 weeks passed after Christmas. Using my calculation, I was supposed to be 15K + 125*9 = 16125 HP. Since I took a break, I am now at 15336 HP and which means that I am currently lagging 789 HP from my goal. To close this gap and actually to further accelerate my growth, I am powering up to 16500 Hive Power. It means I will power up 1164 Hive today to reach 16500 HP.

I am still left with 206 liquid Hive but this will be used to maintain my balance to power up 125 each week if my earnings fell below 125 Hive per week and not able to get any favorable trade in Hive Engine. Also, I keep some liquid Hive for Hive powerup day too, which is now less than 10 days away.

So I will take your leave now and hope to see you all next week with 16625 Hive power positively.

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