How do you check performance of wLEO and LEO?

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How do you check performance of wLEO and LEO

There is lot of development going on LeoFinance and lot of new ideas are getting implemented. Improved site ranking in Alexa is clear indication that we are generating the interest on overall userbase. We are seeing lot of people creating their first post here and there might be many that are observing us daily and increasing their stash of coin by seeing the growth of platform.

Leofinance have now the mix of all ,content creators that are earning for their content, traders that are providing liquidity to uniswap pool and earning the LP fees and their share from LEO rewards pool, curators that are happy with linear curve and doing conten discovery daily.Obviously we have got the large number of readers and comments creators and few speculators that keep the trade of LEO token much alive.

So I am guessing how everyone measure the performance of token and what metrics can be taken to measure it.

Four Metrics for Leo (from Leofinance) or wLEO token performance.

1.USD Value I guess most of the user who needs to pay their bills by using their earned LEO/wLEO will be interested on it's USD value (or their native currency.) They will like to check it's USD value so that they can plan their montly expenditure and clear their Bills. At the time of writing this post the USD value is $0.225 (upto 3 decimal place) taken from Coingecko

2.ETH Value Liquidity provider will be interested in this parameter how their wLEO is faring against ETH. By seeing the trade in Uniswap pool , It look 1 ETH is currently equivalent to 2381 wLEO/LEO .

3.Hive Value Since LEO token is also available in Hive-Engine where trading pair is Hive(HiveP) so it is interesting to check it's Hive value too. At time of writing 1 LEO is equivalent to 1.829 Hive (upto 3 decimal place).

4. Bitcoin/BTC Value I guess Bitcoin value of token still make sense because Bitcoin price in USD is volatile. Gauging the performance of wLeo/LEO against Bitcoin value will give you a parameter that how valuable is holding LEO/wLEO against the "Cryto Gold Standard" aka Bitcoin. At the time of writing this post the BTC value is 1279 satoshi taken from Coingecko

If In case if you do not know what LeoFinance is then you can read about this platform at https://leopedia.io/faq/#what-is-leofinance

If you are wondering about wLeo then you can read about wLEO at https://leopedia.io/wleo/

If you want to start with wleo trading in uniswap pool, then please check https://wleo.io/

LeoFinance allow you to earn LEO that you can swap for wLEO and wLEO can be swapped for ETH in defi pool. So it is also equivalent to mining ETH from blogging.

Hope you have liked it, Please feel free to upvote, reblog and comment. Also feel free to give me a follw at https://leofinance.io/@r1s2g3

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