Staking CTP to take part in the 7th edition of the CTP Power Up Challenge.

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

Staking CTP to take part in the 7th edition of the CTP Power Up Challenge.

The first CTP powerup challenge of this year is now in progress and more details about this challenge can be read at announcement post. I was looking eagerly to this challenge and accumulating CTP for quite some time. I also purchased 2000 CTP to take part in this challenge and today I powered up my all CTP that I was accumulating.


So I powered up a total of 7286 CTP on my main "CTP " account "saachi" but before powering up I already make the entry on the challenge thread and waited for it to be verified. When I saw that @ctpsb account verfied my entry and stake, I proceeded to power up my CTP.

With this powerup, my "saachi" account crossed an overall stake of 50K CTP in this account.


But this is not the only account in which I am staking CTP, I do have 2 other accounts that cumulatively stake close to 7000 CTP.

So my overall CTP stake is just shy of 292 CTP in 60000 CTP and I am sure that I might reach 60K CTP stake before this challenge end.

Hope you guys have fun and enjoy the challenge in the meantime, I am also keeping my eye on CTP development and waiting for the launch of the new application that @ctptalk was referring in the post An Update About The Little Token That Could.

It will be really nice to use CTP as a payment method and it will be more fun if CTP also get soft-peg in that new application like DEC got in Splintterlands.

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