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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

Why am I gay? - If you mean gay as in happy then I am happy because I have all that is naturally required around me to thrive if you look at Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

Outspoken Lesbian? Homosexual?: Neither. Completely Heterosexual these days

How can I describe you?: Happy overweight father and husband that's comfortable in his surroundings? Hard question. Not sure I know how to describe myself this late at night lol

Why should someone be gay?: I've never believed it was a choice to tell the truth. I think you're born that way. Kind of like the colour of your skin, it's not something you choose or can change.

You having a girlfriend?: I have a wife. 12 years married :)

Do you perform the natural obligation?: When we met -- 3 times daily at least now, not so much, and sometimes it's me that's not in the mood.

Not engaging makes you gay?: Common misconception about men actually - depends what's going on in our life at the time. Could be anything, stress, work, depression - who knows. Sometimes he just doesn't want it.

So who is gay?: I'm guessing you? @leonis? :)

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