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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

Big gamer here. I was a gamer before gaming was cool. I used to play old football manager games on my zx spectrum +3 when everyone thought I was a geek and it'd never catch on.

Not an anime fan so I'll list my top 3 games here so far:

Cyberpunk2077: Honestly? People complain too much these days. I loved it. So much to do. Trying for 100% completion, still going a few months later.

Red Dead Redemption: I am a fan of history so this game really gets my sandbox gamer and history buff bones going!

Star Citizen: This game is slowly going to the top. Honestly man, there's a whole load of stuff you can do with this game. I'm really looking forward to it

There others I'd say I play quite a lot: Notable mention: No mans sky. This was my fave before Star Citizen came along.

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