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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

Thanks @niallon11, I appreciate the feedback :)

The first thing that's got to go is the front end. That is a cancer on this place. Leo's front end is far nicer and usable but ours is going to be a lot different. We are looking to not reinvent the wheel and use what works - so we will be an information portal & entertainment site first, a blogging platform as an afterthought. This is the way we need to go imo.

Tribes are massively expensive atm. CineTV cost me nearly $5000 bux to create at the time, and that's not something people have lying around. I had to power brofund down for a bit to pay for it. I can't comment on the cost though, I mean I have no idea the effort that those over at Palnet take to create a tribe. Stuff costs money.

We'll see though! Maybe competition might get fierce and it will bring costs way down.

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