Anyone Can Build On Hive

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

Most times when you are telling people about opportunities they complain about not having enough money. Forgetting that crypto is a big early land of opportunities, where anybody can make it and turn $0 to a lot of money. Starting crypto with Money and experience just makes your earning faster compared to people who start with no money. Knowledge is power, if you know you know, and if you dont know, you dont know. You can literally start from nothing with crypto and one of the best platform to start with nothing is Hive.


If you are looking to build on Hive, well you have come to the right spot, a lot of people came into the Hive blockchain without any knowledge or money but with time, they have built on the blockchain. Building in the blockchain does not necessarily mean that you have to be a developer to start, you can build your account, you can build financially with Hive. A lot of people have been able to raise capital with Hive, use the capital to build whatever they want to build on Hive or outside Hive, giving them the opportunity to reinvest back into Hive.

I am building on Hive, I started Hive with nothing and I can proudly say that most of my achievements outside the Hive ecosystem is all thanks to Hive. I have goals that I am working, I am so grateful for the Hive Blockchain because I was able to accomplish these goals with the help of Hive, that was my own version of building. It helped create the path and provide the opportunity I needed to build which has helped me elevate to greater heights and see more opportunities.

Currently, the best way I can build on Hive is to invest in the platform. Invest by buying the Hive coin or some of the Hive engine tokens like Leo, this something I am always looking forward to doing. I gave used some of my hive earnings to invest outside Hive, now what I am doing is wait so I can use my profit earned from those platforms.

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