What Do People Think Of Crypto Traders?

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

Being a crypto trader is humbling and a proud experience because, you have your moments of “financial abundance and your moments of financial scarcity” depending on the condition of the market. But what do people think of you when you tell them you are a crypto trader. I will break down my life as a crypto trader and what people think I do.

image.png source From My Friends Perspective they probably think I am gambling my life away, they see crypto as a big risk because I don’t have an employer and I am not like the regular working person that leaves the house for 9 - 5. I can’t count how many times I have been advised by these friends to look for a job outside crypto. So to them I am a gambler.

From My Parents Perspective i am a big time crypto guru known largely in the crypto community. Being a hacker gaining access into crypto communities through hacking because they don’t know what I am always doing with my computer and phone everyday that brings money. This is funny because sometimes they help put in the good words to their friends when they are talking about you. It’s nice to see them proud of you, in an African home, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you pay the bills, and it’s not a fraudulent act. At least for my parents though.

From The Government’s Perspective, I am a criminal because they are ignorant and think crypto is a project for criminals. Crypto was banned in my country so I don’t bother talking about crypto or mentioning crypto whenever a policeman asks me what I do. Look at other countries and how they treat crypto and look at their crypto regulations.

Non Crypto Enthusiasts In The Society probably see crypto as child’s play, look at people like Bill Gate and warren buffet that call crypto a fool’s game. They see we crypto investors and traders as children playing around with a new toy called crypto and are waiting for it to burst.

From My Perspective, I see myself as this busy multitasker always working so hard to make sure I go to the moon. Make profit and gain financial freedom so I can retire before I turn 40. I work so hard and don’t have any rest day.

But What Do I Actually Do? I am constantly taking risks, trying new things hoping they all work out and help me achieve my goal. Just like throwing darts and hoping it hits the bulls eye.

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