Crypto Investment Opportunities in 2023: Which Coins and Tokens to Watch Out For..

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4 months ago - 3 minutes read

The new year 2023 has started and three weeks are already gone but still, we have a year ahead. There is a lot that needs to be done and I will try to do it all this year. One of the main actions that I will do is to buy some crypto coins and this is part of my investment in the crypto space. This year 2023 is like an opportunity where I will try my best to invest in certain coins which are very good in fundamentals and I hope that my investment will bring better profitability in the future. I am not a trader instead I am an investor for the long term and this is why whenever I think of investing then it is going to be the long term. This year also I will be following the same strategy with the long-term investment approach and coins will also be the strong one and probably may not be any new addition to the list.


  • Hive
  • SPS
  • Leo
  • Matic
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin



I think it is not required for me to explain this coin because this is something that everyone wants more on this platform. I also want to hold a decent holding for this coin because the more I hold will give me the power to support more content creators as well as it will increase my curation rewards. This will be my main focus I will continue to track and try to grab every possible opportunity to grow my overall holding. If this year is going to be a bear market then hopefully I will be reaching much closer to the 20k hp milestone.


I play splinterlands game and this is the governance token of this game. Holding more SPS means we can earn more rewards through the stake. I hold more than 25000 tokens in my account but I will still be trying to accumulate more. I am on my way to making it 50000 this year but not sure how much time it will take so I will keep on watching this coin this year for the long term.


Leo is the token for leofinance and this is where I create and learn every day. I already have shared my Leo goal for this year so it is on my list to keep a close eye on. I will be trying my best to reach my goal this year and I believe that Leo is going to be so big compared to what it is now. It's because the token has got used potential and it is a growing community where more people will be getting on board.


Polygon is a leading blockchain as of now and I see that Matic is getting more attention. I have invested a little bit in this coin last year but this year and planning to invest more because I expect more growth in this blockchain project. Undoubtedly the project is solid on the basis of fundamentals and this is the reason why I have to change this coin to be on my list which I will track this year.


Again this is one of the coins which everyone wants to hold because this is on the rank second and the community is so big. This blockchain is also big that has got thousands of projects running on the Ethereum network. I am not sure what price we can see for this coin this year and even in the next bullet run but I will be trying my ways to accumulate as much as I can


Whoever is part of the crypto space dream to hold more Bitcoin I also have the same thought. I already have my daily purchase on for this coin and I will ensure that this is running throughout the year so that I can accumulate a decent holding of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the king and other points are somewhere related to Bitcoin so the more Bitcoin we hold is anyways going to help us, in the long run, to gain better price appreciation while keeping the investment in the solid coin.


So above or some of the coins that I will be watching out for throughout this year in 2023. I already have DCA on for some of the points and will try to extend it further wherever this option is available. The year had just started and my plan is to accumulate more cryptocurrencies this year.

Thank you so much Stay Safe

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