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One who can survive during the bears in crypto market are probably the ones who will get the most benefit during the next bulls. Although, it is getting difficult to make things work in favor of us but there are also opportunities for us to make some easy money by doing some simple stuffs from here and there!

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There are some easy ways to make some easy bucks with the help of the play to earn game, Splinterlands. Let me share them with you and hopefully it might help you along the way.

Dark Energy Crystal

DEC has been the talk of the town for Splinterlands players. There has been massive demand for it to reach to its pegged value. But with many transformations, tweaking and even trying different methods along the way it is not reaching to its pegged value. But often it is seen how the price fluctuates and in those moments you might have some opportunity to make some quick bucks along the way.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 154201.png Image source

As seen in the above 5 minutes chart there are plenty of opportunities to buy and sell during those short pumps and dumps happening all throughout the time frame. Yes, some easy money opportunities are out there for traders to make some quick money. On the other hand, about the price of DEC it is still below its pegged value. If you are not that good at trading or afraid of risks factors than holding onto it could also be a very good option. Since, I have seen how DEC fluctuation happens and in good old days it has crossed its pegged value making people thousands of dollars in profits. A worthy asset to trade and even hold for long term gains.

Splinterlands cards

Splinterlands cards are a gem to hold upon! With many of its use cases, this cards can be literally used as money making machines. Lets not forget the everyday rewards that can be earned via playing ranked battles but also participating in tournaments can earn some very good rewards.

  • Card Flipping

While on the other hand, flipping cards have been one of the best way to earn some very good rewards within the game of Splinterlands. Lets take an example at present. The reward cards are going to be out of print pretty soon. Now here is an opportunity arising for card flipping. Those cards which you think might have a potential buy them now before they run out of print. What will happen is, once they run out of print the price will see a good pump and using that momentum one can easily make some quick bucks from here. I would have done that but I am running short of money as of this moment.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 161247.png

Well to be noted flipping cards are not that real easy as it sounds. Since the price of cards may vary and also the relativity of the market is also a reason. Which is buyer and seller are needed for those specific cards. Or else things would have been much more difficult than it actually sounds. Keep that in mind approach with caution. Nevertheless, if the cards is kept into the account and not being able to sell, one can always put them up for rent and earn passively along the way.

Benefits of SPS

I have a goal of staking SPS 500k SPS before the year ends. I am only closing at 40k this month. I know this nothing compared to many out there but I am going as fast as I can lol. If only I had thousands of dollars just awaiting for me in my bank account. The scenarios would have been a lot different. While the following rewards can be obtained by staking SPS into personal accounts.

  • Getting SPS as rewards
  • Getting GLX as rewards
  • Getting Vouchers as rewards
  • Your vote counts in proposals

SPS as rewards is quite satisfying. Approximately 24% as staking rewards does sounds intimidating. I would like yo keep on going no matter what and reach the target of mine before the year ends.

In addition the GLX rewards are quite fancy. It is sort of like cherry on top. Currently I am converting GLX to Hive. Once the price gets lower low, I would buy back the GLX at a discounted price and hopefully it would be a worthy gamble that I am playing at the moment. Since the airdrop would keep on going for few more months I am sort of expecting the price to go down a little bit more. So far the price is falling and if everything works out I would have much more GLX staked at the end of this year :)

Vouchers are an essential part of this game. With new launches and purchases vouchers does play a very important role. Which is why I am not selling any vouchers at the moment. As the price is not really that much, which is why storing it in my account does seems to be the best option at hand.

I am doing my best in taking opportunities that I can find. Also re investing some of the profits into the game. Slowly my stake is growing and I am looking forward to get deep into the game.

Best regards

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