LeoGlossary: Our Project is Growing with LeoThreads!

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

I think we can support our decentralized database of financial information effectively on LeoThreads, actually microblogging applications are intended to connect with people in real time and I think this can prove to be a great strategy to promote our projects effectively, I think currently there are a decent amount of users on LeoThreads and for this simple reason I wanted to write posts related to LeoGlossary & Threads, I think we can reach a larger audience if we know how to promote LeoGlossary effectively on LeoThreads, it's really great to extract LEO by creating short format content, my goal on LeoThreads is a bit ambitious and I think it's a good idea to keep using Threads to promote the effective use of our database on the Hive blockchain, currently there is a lot of valuable information in which we can learn and educate ourselves and this is where I want to highlight the "LeoGlossary Superpages", I think it is a great idea to bring value by creating high quality content on LeoGlossary or simply writing posts related to quality financial information, we want these posts to be read by as many users on the blockchain, I think our goal is to have users using LeoGlossary in all their posts.



LeoGlossary: Our Goal at Long-Term in Hive

I think we can position ourselves effectively in the search engines in a really decent time and this we have to take into account, but we must participate and above all create content using this great database hosted on the Hive blockchain, I think the best strategy can be the Superpages, from my point of view is a great project and I want to continue promoting this database for a long time because we can make the price of LEO increase its value to a point never seen before.

That is not our main goal, our goal is for the Hive blockchain to store quality information and for readers from abroad to learn from the information hosted in this great database. I must mention that currently there are many users contributing value to our database and that's really great, I think in the future we can go far using LeoGlossary in our posts, I want everyone to realize the potential of using this database, I think it's the best way to bring engagement to the LeoFinance community.

From my point of view it is a great idea to keep promoting LeoGlossary in Threads, it is a way to connect with new users to motivate them to use this database, I think in 5 years we can achieve that at least 80% of all users use this database effectively and I think this is our main goal, we should keep talking and commenting about this project and I think we can find very nice conversation topics and create some threads about LeoGlossary, from my point of view I think we can achieve it, it is really great the idea of having a decentralized database and contribute to keep it growing.


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