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I'm giving away all the liquid HIVE Dollars this post generates via a free raffle. No upvote, Rehive or Follow required (Although doing one or all three is greatly appreciated). Last week we had well over 50 entries and I hope to improve on that number this week. Smash that upvote button and hit that reblog button. The more HIVENS that upvote and participate in this FREE RAFFLE the higher the potential rewards are for curators and the eventual winner. This HBD giveaway is becoming popular and because of that popularity we want to hand out even more rewards. Introducing our newest addition to the FREE HBD Raffle Reward Giveaway.


Our HBD raffle has some loyal participants that enter each and every week. Some of them have won multiple times (good job). I would like to reward such participants with an extra giveaway plus give them a chance to have their name etched in blockchain history (excuse the hyperbole). To get your name on RentMoney's HBD RAFFLE HALL Of FAME all you need to do is win this raffle at least three times. Doing so will award you with a free HBI Share. The rewards don't stop there, win this raffle five times and win an addition reward (what could it be?). Rewards and HBD HOF introductions will be retroactive. This means if you have already won the HBD raffle at least three times in the past your name will be added to our HOF list and your additional reward(s) sent to you within 36 hours.

Congrats @eli who is the first HOF Inductee


What Is HBI?

Hive Basic Income is an initiative on the Hive Blockchain that helps us support our favorite authors content by giving them upvotes on our behalf. Each HBI share cost ONE HIVE. The more HBI shares someone holds the higher the upvote one will get from the initiative. To give someone a HBI share all you need to do is transfer ONE HIVE to the account @steembasicincome and in the transfer memo place the name of the recipient of the share. The interesting thing about this initiative is that each time you purchase a share for someone it also gives you one share. This means you are also helping yourself while you help others.

How To Enter

This Weeks HBD Raffle?

  • Everyone who comments gets a FREE raffle ticket
  • That's It
  • Seriously, That's IT
  • Nothing else is required!

Bonus Entry Ticket

  • Reblog this topic and let me know that you did so in the comment section below and you will earn an extra ticket towards winning all the Liquid HBD this topic generates.

Lets Spice Things Up

Having trouble deciding on what to reply with. Let me help you with that. Name any Alpha Monster (try not to repeat monsters that others have already said). Don't play Splinterlands. No worries as always any comment counts towards a FREE raffle ticket.

It's that simple folks ..... no tricks or hoops to jump through. I will pick a winner in 7* days using a random number generator. The order of your comments will determine your raffle ticket number.

MAX 5 Hive Dollar per winner. If this topic generates more than 5 liquid HIVE Dollars the excess will be given to a second winner. There is no max on how many winners there can be :)

HIVE Dollars Given Out To Date

Week | Winner | Hive Dollar Amount ------------- | ------------- | ------------- One| @deeanndmathews | 2.959
Two | @eii | 1.619 Three | @vasilstefanov | 0.528 Four | @riandeuk | 0.26 Five | @deeanndmathews | 1.182 Six | @chuckrick | 0.827 Seven | @magooz | 0.644 Eight | @magooz | 0.212 Nine | @mechpolaris | 1.011 TEN | @celi130 | 0.374 Eleven | @mechpolaris| 1.117 Twelve |@eii| 0.664 Fourteen |@blog-beginner| 1.589 Fifteen |@samsmith1971| 2.268 Sixteen |@romiferns| 2.40 Seventeen |@pekora| 3.00 Eighteen |@madnessinsane| 1.90 Nineteen |@unyqo| 2.12 Twenty |@jakkal| 3.445 (HIVE) Twenty One |@failingforward & @pardinus| 5.00 + 3.284 = 8.284 Twenty Two |@modough| 1.45 Twenty Three |@finris| 1.90 Twenty Four |@vasilstefanov| 5.00 Twenty Five |@eii| 3.90 Twenty Six |@blitzzzz| 4.40 Twenty Seven |@imfarhad & @b0s| 5.00 + 3.15 = 8.15 Twenty Eight |@pravesh0 & @nathanmars| 5.00 + 4.66 = 9.66 Twenty Nine |@stekene & @ryosai + @pravesh0| 5.00 + 5.00 + 3.407 = 13.407 Thirty | @kotenoke & @readthisplease| 5.00 + 1.65 + = 6.65 Thirty-One | @torran & @@rob23| 5.00 + 1.00 + = 6.00 Total | HIVE Dollars Given Out | 95.870

****Note: HBD sent to the weekly winners is rounded and might not 100% match the Liquid HBD earned in a specific giveaway post. We do try our best to make sure we give out all the liquid HBD earned and some more on top of that. Going forth we will only be working with two points after the decimal. If you would like to stop being tagged please say so in the comment section.

Learn About !LUV Tokens

What is !LUV?

!LUV is a token which can be issued by existing owners of !LUV.

How Do I Attain LUV?

LUV can be purchased on the HIVE-ENGINE exhcange. You can also be rewarded LUV tokens from existing holders of the token.

How can I reward !LUV tokens?

You need to hold at least 10 LUV tokens to be able to issue LUV. You can distribute LUV by typing the following command in a reply to a comment or a post: !LUV

After using the command !LUV, LUV tokens will be rewarded by the account @luvshares. The tokens will be issued to your Hive-Engine wallet. The LUV token was created by @crrdlx.

Learn About !BEER

Learn About $PIZZA


SPT Burn Post

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is an online blockchain game built on the Hive Network. It utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's and other in game assets are tradable and have real monetary value. Click here to play or to invest in Splinterlands. Play for free or pay $10 USD and start earning today!

What is Hive-Engine?

Hive Engine is a platform that empowers communities, project owners, fundraisers, developers, and businesses to quickly and easily build on the Hive blockchain like never before.


Introducing @deeanndmathews

Deeanndmathews was the very first winner of the HBD Raffle and according to their hive.blog profile they joined this awesome network in March of 2019. This Hiven has won the HBD Raffle twice so far and currently is just one win away from enter our HBD Raffle Hall Of Fame. If you like freewrite content than look no further as Deeandmathews is a master of it. Visit this person latest freewrite post by clicking the following highlighted link: Day 1556: 5 Minute Freewrite CONTINUATION: Thursday - Prompt: speak up. Every *week a new participant in this HBD giveaway will be randomly chosen and featured in the following weeks HBD giveaway post. If you would like to opt out of being featured please say so in your raffle entry comment. The liquid HBD earned from last weeks draw will be sent to last weeks winners within 36 hours. Good luck in this weeks raffle everyone.

RentMoney's HBD Raffle

Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Famer| Three Time Winner | Five Time Winner ------------- | ------------- | ------------- @eii | HBI SHARE | ?????

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