Collecting Splinterland Rewards/ Opening Chaos Legion Pack/ Card MarketCap + Lore Showcased

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The competition in Splinterlands is getting harder by the day and that is a good thing. Running up the Rank League to earn yourself daily rewards can be a challenging task. Smashing through the talented tournament players in tournament battles isn't as easy as it use to be. This doesn't only apply to the top Gold/Diamond and Champion Leagues. Every Splinterlands League from Novice to Champion has its players that are top notch. There is no easy ride regardless of league chosen. The aforementioned is one of the things that makes this game so great. There is competition at every level that helps you up your game. Ranked play can be just as challenging but with some skill/luck and persistence all mixed in one earning rewards Daily is something that is guaranteed. If you are new to the game you might be wondering, "What Type Of Rewards". To that I say, "Lets take a look at my recent daily rewards".

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Above you will notice six different rewards. I earned them by completing my daily quest in the Splinterlands game. Daily Quest challenges vary each day and so do the rewards earned for completing them. The rewards won/earned are always game related assets. How this works is once in a 24 hour period the game will give you a quest that is a variation of game play. Complete that quest and you will get to open reward chests. How many chest you get to open depends on the League you are in. The higher the league the higher the amount of chest you get to open after completing your daily. After completing mine I was lucky enough to get to open six. Out of the six reward chest I open four were cards, one was a potion (potions increase drop rate of gold cards and Legendary cards) and the other was a Chaos Legion Pack. This time around it only took me about 15 minutes to complete my daily and within that time my earned value was over $4.00 USD (the Chaos Legion Pack is worth $4.00 USD on its own the common cards are worth about $0.03 USD each). Lets open that Chaos Legion pack and see the value of what is inside.

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Nice, inside the Chaos Legion pack was two Epics and Two Rares. When considering a Chaos Legion pack minimum guarantee is One Rare and Four Commons the pack we just opened (that we got for free I might add) was on the luckier side of randomness. To see the USD value of these cards one does not have to add them up themselves. Luckily PeakMonsters does all the hard work for us and displays that USD value directly on their site. (What Is PeakMonsters?) PeakMonsters is a secondary market for the Splinterlands game. It has many unique and cool features and one of those features allows us to view the total USD value of our open packs and earned rewards. I can talk all day about how awesome PeakMonsters is but I won't do that. Instead I will leave you the link (https://peakmonsters.com) and you can explore how awesome the site is for yourself. All that is needed to sign in is your Hive Network Posting Key. Lets take a look at the Lore of the Epic Monsters flipped in our Chaos Legion Pack. Displayed Lore has been taken from the official Splinterlands site.

Djinn Inferni

Djinn Inferni is the eldest of the ancient wardens of fire, spirits of flame that dwell in the deepest rivers of stone. Second only to Lord Janai himself, he is prideful and cunning, but fiercely loyal to his master. With the opening of the rift and the betrayal of Djinn Muriat he has taken up a blood oath of vengeance against the chaos exercitus, rising to the surface to lay waste to the enemies of stone and fire.

The singing stones had whispered at their coming, the Great Legion, agents of chaos from beyond the void but Lord Jannah had not listened. When the rift finally tore open the world the veins of the mother called to me, her vermarine song of quartz and ash a lament to the war above. I rise to the surface now, enduring the stink of water and flesh for a chance to turn the odds in our favor. With fire and death we will restore these lands and end her lament. On the mother's heart I swear it.

--- Binding The Void, Djinn Inferni Umun Sira

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Insidious Warlocks

Insidious Warlocks are a faction of the Chaos Legion specialized in death magic. Wherever they go, there is a cold chill and the shadows seem somehow darker. They speak to each other in their own language. To anyone listening, the words sound like hisses, smoky and venomous. It is said on moonless nights they gather to conduct their rituals.

When they are called upon by Chaos Legion leadership, they step out of the darkness and take on an active role in battle. They can be seen directing Chaos Legion forces and coordinating large arcane attacks. With their uniform dark robes and faces shrouded in the shadow of hoods, they are frightening for anyone to behold.

A group of Insidious Warlocks stood in a semi-circle along the ridge, overlooking the battlefield below. Their black cloaks rippled out in the cold wind and their hands moved in tandem. Dark, shadowy tendrils of magic slithered around them as if alive. The air was filled with the sounds of their strange and haunting whispers.

And then they directed the magic as one. It swirled together into a singular lance that they fired across the battlefield. It sailed through the air and then slammed into a group of enemy soldiers. An explosion ripped the ground apart, and bodies were flung into the air.

As one the Insidious Warlocks twisted their hands. The shadowy magic that trailed off from the explosion took form. It slithered through the troops like multiple serpents. These shadow serpents bit at soldiers' faces. And when their fangs connected with flesh, the victims were blinded. Screams echoed out as warriors dropped to the ground. The might of the Insidious Warlocks was absolute.

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Feb/08/2022 Card MarketCap:

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Some of you might be looking at that graph and thinking (EWWW) look at that downward trend. Truth be told most Splinterlands OG's were expecting a dip in card prices. Those of us who have been around since the Alpha/Beta edition seen this process multiple times already. A new edition is released and players rightfully FOMO over the new amazing cards. They then proceed to sell their "old" cards at discounted value to purchase the new and usually more cost friendly edition. This creates a circle of positive events. The sellers of the "old" cards get to build a bigger deck by selling their higher USD valued cards in exchange for the new cost effect cards. The buyers get to buy these cards at discounted prices to help round out their decks or hold for investment purposes. So while some look at that graph and see negative, I look at that graph and see opportunity and I hope you see the same.

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