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With the recent uptick in MEME price and daily trades there is more eyes on MEME than ever before and hopefully with the days/weeks/months/years to come those eyes will multiple. To give everyone a fair shake at winning a FREE MEME DELEGATION I have decided to extend the delegation contest for one extra week. To compensate those who already entered and were expecting a winners announcement post but instead are met with this extension post yous will be given the chance to earn an extra raffle ticket. Your first raffle ticket will be for your original entry into the contest. You can earn a second raffle ticket by leaving a comment below in the comment section. No more entries will be accepted in the original contest post. All new entries must reply below in the comment section to earn one raffle ticket into the draw. The original MEME delegation contest post can be seen by Clicking Here.

What Is HiveMe.Me?

Hiveme.me is a frontend that is used to access the Hive Blockchain. Creating and curating content on Hiveme.me will allow you to earn the frontends native token known as MEME. Along side earning MEME one can also earn the HIVE Blockchains native tokens (HIVE/HBD) while curating and creating content on Hiveme.me. The Hiveme.me frontend also allows NFT creation and has an onsite trade market in which you can trade your NFT creations.

Coming Soon

I (RentMoney) see potential in the MEME tribe. Sure its a tribe/frontend which focuses on a niche market but that market is MEME's and MEME's are awesome. To top it off Hiveme.me is capitalizing on the NFT craze and allows for MEME NFT creation and trades. Its for that reason that I soon(ish) will be creating my first ever NFT and I will be doing so on Hiveme.me. My NFT creation will have a usecase that I think will be of interest to the majority of the readers of my blog. I don't want to spoil what that is but you might want to hang onto your MEME because there is a chance you might want to use it to get your hands on one of my limited NFT creations.

Readers: "Come on, Spill the beans"

RentMoney: "Not yet, Not yet".

Alright, you twisted my arm enough that I will Spill the beans on one more detail. My NFT creation will be very limited and will act as means to purchase or trade for something that is in high demand (Inner Voice: Shut it RentMoney You said too much). On top of this small usecase NFT I intend on creating I also hope to host a Splinterlands tourney to help Showcase the Hiveme.me frontend. If all goes well I hope to host the first MEME/Splinterlands tournament the last Sunday of this month (02/27/2022). My MEME creation will be created and up for trade sometime between the delegation winners post and the Splinterlands tournament I intend on hosting. Good luck in the raffle everyone!

Purchase MEME On Hive-Engine:


Purchase MEME On LeoDex:

https://leodex.io/market/MEME image.png

25,000 MEME Delegation Entries

MEMESTER | Raffle Tickets | ------------- | ------------- | @quinnertronics | 1 | @arpuch | 1 | @luizeba | 1| @numasi | 1| @indiebandguru| 1| @dizzyapple | 1| @bitpizza | 1| @forsakensushi | 1| @marshmellowman | 1| @captaincryptic | 1| @yeckingo1 | 1| @ninjamike | 1| @txracer| 1| @gr33nm4ster | 1| @cmmemes | 1|


Nothing in this post in financial advice. Always do your own research before investing any of your hard earned currencies and never invest what you can't afford to lose. To enter the 250,000 MEME Delegation Contest Giveaway (10 X 25,000 Delegations) simply leave a comment in the comment section below.

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