Free Splinterland Cards (Lore Showcased)

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Did Someone Say Free?

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Splinterlands Cards?

(As in more than one?)

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Alrighty Then

Giveaway Rules

Yeah I know, Rules Suck but I need to place them in because well... you know what skip that, RULES SUCK PERIOD with no butts or wells. Simply show your interest below by leaving a comment letting me know you want in on this giveaway and you are in. It doesn't get any easier than that. But now we need a topic to discuss and since this is a Splinterlands giveaway for cards to be announced below I see it fitting we make that topic Splinterlands itself. Today I would like to know what Splinterlands card has your favorite Lore attached to it. Don't want to pick a favorite (I don't blame you there is lots of awesome ones to choose from) alternatively you can tell me about your favorite Splinterlands NFT art. The comment you leave will earn you one rafflet ticket. Alternative ways to earn extra raffle tickets are listed below.

Extra Raffle Tickets

  • Reblog (let me know you did so)
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  • One extra raffle ticket for each task completed. Which means you can earn a total of three raffle tickets. One for reblogging, One for tagging friends and one for your comment. The winner will be chosen at random seven days after this post completion (after post payout).

The Prizes

  • One Common SPL Card
  • One Rare SPL Card
  • One Epic SPL Card
  • One winner will receive all three cards

Scavo Chemist (Common: Fire)

The Realm of Silence lies deep beneath Praetoria. It is home to many creatures who live there all their lives. One such culture is the Scavo. This mole species became corrupted by the toxic gas in the volcano. They became highly intelligent and discovered ways to reduce the impact of the blight on animals and people. The most astute of them became chemists and learned how to create cures and bottle the gas to either help their allies or weaken their opponents.

Scavo Firebolt (Rare: Fire)

Living within the Realm of Silence, the mole-like race of Scavo were affected by the toxic gas from the Mountain of Ash. They became highly intelligent and worked diligently to protect their home from the blight. Scavo Firebolts were particularly changed by their proximity to the magma, developing the ability to summon and launch bolts of fire from their palms. They defend their home by launching these fire bolts from great distances. Approaching enemies don't even realize the danger until fire begins to rain from above. Those that are incapacitated are especially vulnerable.

Lava Launcher (Epic: Fire)

Goblin engineers of the Burning Lands have outdone themselves with the latest model of the Lava Launcher, which unlike its predecessors, actually launches lava. The load chamber holds a fairly large amount of liquid magma, which is somehow balled up and launched toward enemies. Once it leaves the load chamber, the outside of the lava ball hardens instantly, making it land with highly destructive explosive power.

This weapon was developed by Azad goblin engineers under the employ of the Torch and being paid handsomely for their developments. Its creators were named Irv and Sterv Flanklin, a pair of twin brothers who specialize in weaponry and vehicular design. They’re happy to say that of the first 100 Lava Launchers made, more than 40 of them did not catch fire with the driver inside.

All lore has been taken from the official Splinterlands site. To read in full please visit Splinterlands.com click on your card of choice and navigate to the LORE section of the card profile in which you clicked.




What Is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a blockchain game built on the Hive Network. The game itself utilizes NFT's for game play. These NFT's can be won in battle and/or purchased from the official Splinterlands marketplace or many other secondary markets. Game play rewards players with cryptocurrency and in game assets. Click here to get started with Splinterlands.

The two gifs in this post were taken from tenor and the Youtube clip is from the movie Ace Venture Pet Detective staring Jim Carrey. The splinterlands screenshots and Lore were taken directly from the Splinterlands site by myself (RentMoney). image.png

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