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While I can't give any direct response on how you should spend your funds. I will say there is multiple ways one could decide to go and it still be a good deal. Which deal is better no-one knows for sure. Lets take a look at a few options.

(1) Group Purchase: I haven't dug into who is offering what in group deals but I do know that there is a group currently named CLP. Here is the link: This same person ran a group purchase for Chaos Legion packs and everything went smooth. The minimum threshold is very low at 2700 DEC/ No Vouchers needed. Limited details are posted about the offer thus far but its likely more details will be posted soon.

(2) Purchase by oneself below the bulk deal: no worries on if someone will pull the rug from underneath you. Purchasing directly from site will still get you one PROMO card for each pack purchased. That is still a decent offer but the one that gives the least amount of ROI.

(3) The most obvious one is purchasing the bulk offers oneself. Not that easy to do for everyone as the min threshold is $10,000 and if one did have the min threshold it certainly be wise to seek out some friends that would be willing to bulk order together for the added benefits the higher tiers offer. Risk are involved here but Splinterlands minimizes those risks with allowing up to five accounts in each bulk buy.

(4) Secondary Markets: Chaos Legion packs USD worth are hitting all time lows on secondary markets as those who hold them try to sell them off to get funds to participate in this end of year sale. While it might make sense for them to do that it also might make sense for others to not participate in the End of Year sale but instead stalk up on packs via the secondary markets. The downside to this is you won't get any promo card nor will you get any added airdrop points. Keep in mind you can purchase a handful of packs from Splinterlands and get airdropped the same amount of PROMO cards as packs purchased and participate in option (4) as well.

So as you see there are many options and each path has its benefits. Only you know what one is best for you. I hope this has helped you find the path you want to take.

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