[Closed] Stake Your MEME: Earn A 500 MEME Vote

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Last Week I DOUBLED Your MEME Tokens and overall the process was a success. We had Sixteen participants that purchased 1000+ MEME from the market and shared proof of it in the contest post. Those Sixteen MEMESTERS (Yes I just made that name up) earned themselves a 1000+ MEME vote for their efforts. In my ongoing attempt to help get more eyes on the HiveME.ME frontend I was brainstorming other ways to help the tribe and its token. While I will continue on with the Double your MEME initiative it will be a monthly event. I feel as such an initiative would be counterproductive if initiated too frequently. Once a month seems like the sweet spot to me. So with that thought and after a little brainstorming I came up with this altered version which will also be run once a month.

Stake Your MEME

The MEME community is working hard to bring value to the MEME token. This new initiative that I like to call Stake Your MEME is another small step in that direction. Participation is easy as is participation in any of my initiatives. As the initiatives name indicates, all that is needed for Participation is Stake at least 1000 MEME tokens and come back to this post and share proof of it in the comment section. Doing so will earn you a 500 MEME upvote on your Proof Of Stake comment (10% upvote bonus if you share a MEME with Proof Of Stake Comment). The Staked amount must take place on the date of Feb/10/2022 or later. Hopefully this encourages more to Stake their MEME tokens and helps shrink the sell orders of the MEME tokens that can be found for sale on the Hive related dexs such as Hive-Engine and LeoDex.

Make MEME Great

What can you do to help bring value to MEME? (1) Use the tribes frontend (HiveME.ME) (2) Use the Tribes tag (MEME). (3) Create awesome MEME content (Try to include a paragraph or two with your meme creation (4) Stake some or all of your liquid meme. (4) Rehive MEME posts that you think bring value to MEME and your personal blog.

MEME On Hive-Engine:


MEME On LeoDex:



What Is HiveMe.Me?

HiveMe.Me is a frontend that gives access to the Hive Blockchain. Creating and curating content on Hiveme.me will allow you to earn the frontends token known as MEME. Along side earning MEME one can also earn the HIVE Blockchains native tokens (HIVE/HBD) while curating and creating content on Hiveme.me. The Hiveme.me frontend also allows NFT creation and has an onsite trade market in which you can trade your NFT creations. HiveME.ME makes NFT creation a breeze. To create your own MEME NFT on the HiveME.ME frontend follow the below instructions.

How To Create An NFT

On HiveME.ME

  • Go to https://www.hiveme.me/
  • Sign in using your Hive Network Posting Key
  • Navigate to top of page
  • Locate and click the NFT link displayed
  • Under NFT Market click MINT
  • Follow the displayed instructions

The creator of the above gif is @memehive. The bee image inside the amazing looking gif was designed by @japex1226 and is being used under a Creative Commons license. Background is copyright free Giphy background (Free Use).

MEME Collage:

Video Credit: Noob News

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