Disasters and Insurance - Protecting ourselves from the Worse

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Disaster Insurance

Disasters are, sadly, a common occurrence in our world. As such, many tools have been created to protect people from the consequences of disasters, such as Insurance.

In this post, I'm going to explain what types of Insurance are available to you!

Natural Disasters


When we think of a Disaster, what usually comes to mind are floods, earthquakes, tornados, etc. and. As such, there are a lot of available options to protect people from their consequences. For example:

  • Flood Insurance
  • Tornado Insurance
  • Forest Fire Insurance

Personal Disasters

But, beyond those, there are also 'Disasters' in our lives, which can and often should be Insured, such as:

Job Loss


Insurance against job loss is essential to allow workers to survive and develop new skills while unemployed.

This is sometimes provided by the Government in the form of Welfare.

Life Insurance

In a family, the money-makers can be life-insured to prevent a terrible accident, causing grief, pain, and a life of poverty.

Avoiding payouts

While Insurance has the potential to be one of mankind's greatest inventions, it can be, just like any other tool, very misused.

Specific Language

Companies can sometimes sneak in their contracts a lot of technical terms, that allow them to only pay a part of the damage caused by the disaster.

For example, Tornado Insurance might not cover the costs if the 'wind phenomenon' wasn't quite strong enough to be considered a 'Tornado', while still causing some damage.


After learning about all the different types of insurance available, you'll be a lot better equipped to protect yourself from what the future might bring!

What types of risks do you think are the most important to be insured against?

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