December 2020 Hive Power Distribution Trends - the continued slow death of Hive?

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

The distribution of Hive Power has remained broadly equal over the last month, just a few more Orcas but no real signs of change.

If one basis one's assessment of Hive on these figures, it is stagnant, dead, a ghost town. This has been going on for months now, and these stats suggest that we are witnessing the slow death of Hive.

I use arcange's stats to produce these reports.

@arcange also produces the with 'delegation' distribution, but delegation is just 'patronage', not ownership, so I prefer to look at the 'owned' weightings, I think they're a more valid measurement of power distribution, which is what I'm interested in.

This analysis doesn't take account of the millions of liquid HIVE currently not staked in the DAO.

Trends in distribution by MVEST levels

31st November 2020 (without delegation)


29th December 2020 (without delegation)


31st November 2020


29th December 2020


|Level|No. of accounts 31st Oct| No. of accounts 30th Nov| |-|-|-| |Whales|32|32| |Orcas|296|302| |Dolphins|1839|1820| |Minnows|8881|8903| |Redfish|1410885|1415465|

Commentary/ Analysis

Stagnant is the word, just stagnant - besides a tiny handful of Dolphins investing a bit more to become Orcas, and let's face it, why not - once you've got 45K Hive you may as well buy another 8K to get yourself a better label!

But besides that - lots of new accounts but no significant inward investment coming from new accounts.

It seems that what we've got here is a stable population of users happy to milk and sell off Hive to the exchanges for the most part.

Despite the shilling you hear about Hive, people aren't buying it! Not even the ones who are already here!


I set @arcange as a beneficiary!


November 30th statistics

December 29th statistics

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